Friday, September 16, 2011

Climbing Out of the Ruts of Declining Membership

Rotarians! Stop Digging!
For eighteen years, Rotary in North America has been mired in the captivating ruts of declining membership. Other regions of the world should be wary and steer clear or they, too, could become bogged down in similar ruts.

Consider reading Jim Henry’s Rotatorial on thoughts about getting out and/or staying out of these ruts in his most recent post on Retention Central.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Who Knew How Many Rotarians were Walking out of Clubs' Doors?

Do Rotarians Know that Annually More Than 157,000 Rotarians Have Been Walking Out Clubs’ Doors Taking With Them Over US$7,500,000 Of Rotary International’s Dues Revenue.

To read Jim Henry’s Rotatorial, go to Retention Central by clicking on this link

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Foundation Trustees approve Horn of Africa Fund

In response to the humanitarian crisis in parts of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, The Rotary Foundation has established the Rotary Horn of Africa Famine and Refugee Relief Fund, which will support recovery projects in the affected areas.

The worst drought in 60 years has gripped the Horn of Africa, leading to acute famine in parts of Somalia, where hundreds of thousands of people are now fleeing to Ethiopia and Kenya for aid. More than 10 million people are affected in the drought-stricken countries, including 3.7 million who are at risk of starvation.

Ways to Donate: Send a check payable to The Rotary Foundation, including the notation “Rotary Horn of Africa Famine and Refugee Relief Fund, #G10008” on the memo line, to:

The Rotary Foundation
14280 Collections Center Drive
Chicago, IL 60693 USA

If you or your district wishes to donate District Designated Funds (DDF) to the Rotary Horn of Africa Famine and Refugee Relief Fund, please follow the instructions on the [form attached to the Newsletter].

For more information, contact Jennifer Kordell at +1-847-866-3104 at The Rotary Foundation.


Generational Attributes Article Relevant for Rotary Clubs?

"Generational clashes didn’t begin yesterday, but there was always a way out. You don’t like smart-mouthed kids or grouchy old fogies? Go where they’re not. In the second decade of the 21st century, though, there’s a new wrinkle. Some might call it a fault line. The workforce in developed countries is composed of multiple generations.
For the first time in history, four very different generations are working side-by-side,”...
Read more... click here for the online article by Keith Davis from IC View, the Ithaca College Magazine.

Click here for the magazine article with color illustrations.

Thanks to PDG Paul Frey, 7630, for pointing this out, although I currently pay tuition dollars to Ithaca College semiannually, saw the article a while back and thought "Rotary!"