Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday- Rotary!

Today marks the 106th birthday of the founding of Rotary in Chicago, IL USA, February 23, 1905.

Email your proudest Rotary accomplishment or moment in a celebratory email to your club's Rotarians!

Mine: Establishing over 37,000 friends during my past 22 years in Rotary, including all the Rotarians in Zone 33, Maryland to SC! I know I can pick up the phone and get advice, assistance, and action from any one of these VIPs in their community! What a great thing! And what a powerful tool for doing good in the world!    

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Recruitment Death Dance

"Dance of Life and Death"
Vijay Kochar
For as long as I have been participating beyond the club, RI Presidents and District Governors, with good intentions, have been recognizing clubs for gains in membership.

Excellent motives, but if one critically analyzes the custom, it becomes obvious that the practice is organization-centered, not member-centered. It comes from an inward point of view and may be a Recruitment Death Dance...

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Leadership in Rotary is not for the Timid

Leadership in any organization is a challenge. But in most organizations the customers, suppliers, and in non-profits, beneficiaries, are relatively clear. How do we gain a better understanding of these concepts for our Rotary organizations? And, why is leadership in Rotary such a challenge?

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Can Rotary Perfect its Brand?

View the latest from the mind of RC Jim Henry. What's in a name? How does Rotary's credibility affect its membership and mission? Why should we look at "who we are" instead of "what we do"?

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