Monday, December 13, 2010

The Whirlpool Paradox

The Whirlpool Paradox for Rotary Club Members: Clubs become so intent on recruiting new members that they neglect membership qualifications and the purposes for having members causing existing members to leave and clubs to continue to recruit new members until the pool of qualified members runs dry.

The Whirlpool Paradox for Clubs: Districts become so intent on starting new clubs that they neglect helping all clubs advance the Object of Rotary which causes existing clubs to get older and smaller while new clubs struggle to recruit and keep new members until the pool of qualified members runs dry.

“Never forget the huge value of your current customers. Companies that continually target new consumers, while neglecting existing customers are sometimes referred to as having a “Death-Wish [ne' Whirlpool] Paradox.” They wish they had more sales, so they target new customers and spend a lot to try to get those new customers, but it only leads to financial “death.” Diversifying marketing efforts between past customers, current clients and new potentials will encourage buyers to return and can expand your customer base, while spending much less. You’ll have a bigger return on your investment.” March 3, 2009 White Paper
Questions: (1) How can districts or clubs recognize that they may be caught in a Whirlpool Paradox? (2) If either is caught in a Whirlpool Paradox, what do they have to do to escape?

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