Sunday, October 31, 2010

Successful PAM Membership Program Shared

The only +5% membership increase per year district in Zones 33-34 is the Northern Caribbean District 7020, led this year by Governor Diana White. At our urging she has shared the district's multi-year PAM Program.  

There is a DG Award for various levels of accomplishment. Clubs, AG’s and District Chairs have the ability to earn “Bonus Points” throughout the year which can boost their score in the DG Award. They also employ a "Club of the Month" award.

The “Passport to Success” is given to all PETS attendees. Each year, all District Chairs are available with informational material and there are a couple of hour-long sessions where all the club Presidents and Secretaries can wander through the tables and ask questions – rather like a “Trade Show” for Rotary Information. This year, they gave the participants a “Passport” which they had signed by the tables they visited and these provide bonus points.

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Anonymous said...

Dear PAMmers!

Your fame is are now featured on the Zone 33-34 website courtesy of Zone 33 Rotary Coordinator, Bevin Wall.

Thanks a million for the kudos Bevin!


Diana White
DG Rotary District 7020