Saturday, September 11, 2010

Zone 33 & 34 make Membership Advances

The 2009-2010 Rotary Membership numbers are in. For the first time since 2001-02, Zone 33 Rotary clubs (States of DE,MD,NC,SC,TN,VA,WV) showed a positive membership growth of net +47, a growth rate of one tenth of one percent. Zone 34 saw an improvement, but still lost a net 85 Rotarians, despite having District 7020 post a record 120 Rotarian gain.

In Zone 33, this breaks a significant downward trend line over the past 5 years that reflected an average loss of 436 Rotarians per year, or about 1.2% per year. Zone 34 has sustained similar losses over the same time period.

Zone 33 Rotary Coordinator Bevin Wall attributes the gain to hard work by District Governors and Club Presidents, who are emphasizing the importance of strengthening clubs at the local level. Weak economic trends have been cited as a factor in Rotarian losses, but are being largely offset by new club development. Of continuing concern is the average club size, which continues to fall, while the number of clubs steadily increase. Retaining existing members, recognizing the importance of keeping those members, and instituting programs to strengthen the overall club program and activities are all keys to turning the numbers around.

Click here for the Final Comparison to Start Figures Membership Report for 2009-10.    

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