Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Membership Motto!

As we enter into August, which is specifically devoted to Membership & Extension, this is a wonderful opportunity to remember the concept or phrase the RI Board adopted a few years ago in support of membership: Each Rotarian: Reach One, Keep One. 

This phrase emphasizes the importance of every Rotarian assuming responsibility for sponsoring new members as well as stressing the importance of retaining members.

Under the RI Strategic Plan ‘Improve member recruitment and retention’ is one of the underlying elements of the priority ‘Support and Strengthen Clubs’. Membership is a compilation, or final result, of a variety of different factors: prospective member outreach, stimulating and engaging weekly club programs, vibrant and relevant service projects and club sponsored programs, communication, effective and comprehensive training and information, fellowship, club assessment and planning, public relations, public awareness and public image. All of these factors work together in supporting member recruitment and maintaining retention. Strong, relevant, and vibrant Rotary clubs are more inclined to attract as well as retain members.

RI provides a number of resources for clubs to access and use depending on their need. An overview of resources available throughout the organization that can be used to support membership related activities is referenced in the catalog:
Empower Your Rotary Club with RI Resources for Membership Development

A variety of information related to statistics, trends, research and survey data can also be found at

Exerpted from an article by Donna McDonald, Manager, Membership Development & Research Division

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