Monday, July 26, 2010

King to Headline Maryland Membership Event

The four Frederick County MD, District 7620, Rotary clubs have announced that Richard King, Past Rotary International President, will be the keynote speaker at a major Rotary membership kick-off, Monday evening, August 23, 2010. The address will be on the topic of the role of service based organizations in the global economy. King is known for his motivational speeches and uplifting commentary on community and international service.

Limited seating is available. Advance registration is required. On-line registration will be available soon at For additional information contact 
PDG Paul Frey

The Statistics- Why Rotarians Say They Leave Rotary

Click here for the report summarizing the statistical reasons given on Semi-Annual Report Forms and Termination forms by Clubs as to why Rotarians leave Rotary.

Please note that "Death" is only 5 Percent of the total. And, of course, we all recognize that the statistics are only as good as the data, and that often, Rotarians do not give "real answers" to the questions, to keep from hurting feelings or burning bridges on the way out.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rotary Coordinator: Strategic Planning & Creating Dynamic Clubs

Link to article on Zones 25-26 Rotary Coordinator Site. The article lists some of the Rotary Coordinator priorities and encourages the exchange of club best practices on the topic of strategic planning and creating dynamic clubs.  

Share your best practices with us at

Do you want a simple, practical, common sense approach to analyzing your Rotary club's membership? 

Click here to see one fantastic approach from Paul Kiser.

Club Builder Award

At the January board meeting the Board approved the Club Builder Award. This new award honors those Rotarians who have made a significant impact in supporting and strengthening their Rotary Clubs, and fits in well with the goal of creating Bigger, Better, Bolder clubs.

District Governors may nominate one candidate from their districts each year. To be eligible a Rotarian must have be active and in good standing, with at least 10 years of membership, they must have served as a club president, and have been a member of a Rotary club with at least 30 members in the 3 years immediately preceding nomination.

The specific criteria for the award are as follows:
  1. Personally recruited at least five members who are active Rotarians at the time of nomination
  2. Participated in Rotary training in their club
  3. Participated in at least one meaningful club-level vocational service project
  4. Attended at least two district meetings in the three years immediately preceding nomination
Eligible candidates must be recommended by three past club presidents of their own club (or of a past club if they are members of a new club). District governors should form a selection committee of three past governors to select the district nominee. The district governor may endorse one candidate and must submit a nomination to Rotary International by 1 November.

Information regarding the Club Builder Award has been sent to the district governors, and the nomination form is available online at

Thanks to Amanda Runge, Program Coordinator, RC Program Support