Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is Your Rotary Club Accessible?

Where is your Rotary Club the other 166.5 hours per week? Answering this key question may determine whether your club's public image needs help.

Click here for the full story that includes a reflection on the public image of the automakers, the vantage point of the viewer, the impact of one-on-one Rotary education, the social media generation, and the one (very basic) tool that Rotary clubs are overlooking in public imaging!

Another great blog post from Paul Kiser's Blog.    

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Jim Henry said...

I believe Paul is correct that an up-to-date, well-maintained club web site is no longer an option. However, like many Rotary leaders, Paul, until near the end, appears to be taking the scatter approach to effective public relations. Near the closing, Paul says, “In addition, the website can give an interested person direct access to someone who can help them take the next step to becoming a member.” Who is the interested person? Is it John Q. Public, to whom much of the article seems to be targeted, or is it the local business, professional, or community leader as defined in the Rotary Club’s constitutional documents? Business 101 says to direct all your efforts toward your target audience. A Rotary club’s target audience is its present and potential members. This is to whom clubs must direct their PR efforts. If can also educate John Q. Public, fine, but the PR emphasis must be directed to meeting the needs, aspirations, and self-esteem of the club’s target audience, not John Q. Public.

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Jim Henry, PDG D-6960
Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator, Zone 34, 2008-10
Rotary Coordinator, Zone 34, 2011