Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's time for Membership Awards!

Just a reminder about year-end awards for your clubs and district. In addition to the Presidential Citation, there are some other Membership Awards for which many of your clubs will qualify. The dates for submission are just a few weeks off -- if you haven't done so already, it’s time to gather data and submit them.
RI Membership Development and Extension Award -- MDEA 
Nominators: District governors. Deadline: Beginning 15 May, district governors submit recognition forms to RI.
This district-level certificate program recognizes membership growth in existing clubs, retention of current club members, and the organization of new clubs. Districts that meet their membership goals are also recognized.
RI Recognition of Membership Development Initiatives -- MDI 
Nominators: District governors. Deadline: District governors must receive submissions from clubs by 15 April. RI must receive submission forms from district governors by 15 May. This district-level certificate recognizes clubs for the development and implementation of a creative plan or strategy to support one of the three primary foundations of membership growth and development: retention, recruitment of qualified new members, or the organization of new Rotary clubs.

Though “similar” to the Presidential Citation – the accomplishment of
RI President Kenny’s 2009-10 membership goals will result in a special recognition – perhaps even on the stage at the Montreal convention! Here are the club recognition requirements: 
- A minimum of one net member increase
A minimum of 80% retention rate (80% of the same members who were on the roles July 1)AND certification by the district governor of two of the following achievements:
- Increased percentage of qualified women
- Increased percentage of qualified younger professionals (under age 50)
- Induction of at least one alumna or alumnus of RI or the Rotary Foundation
- Increased diversity of membership (e.g., classification, gender, age, ethnicity)
Deadlines: Clubs should submit their goal results to their district governor by 15 May 2010. Districts should
certify the results and submit them to RI, along with their district results, by 22 May,2010. 

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