Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Trend from the West Coast- Speed Networking

Those West Coast Rotarians- you have to love them! The Monterrey Pacific CA Rotary Club has facebooked invitations to their Speed Networking event "Rotarians doing business with Rotarians". Here's how they describe it:  

Speed Networking is a new and fresh way to build your business Rolodex in a time efficient manner! Speed Networking is a networking event with an accelerated twist. The program is specifically designed to allow attendees the quick and entertaining opportunity to introduce themselves and pitch their company to other Rotarians in business. With a unique format, participants of Speed Networking will meet more Rotarians, make more contacts, and generate more business leads in one short evening, than they ever thought was possible at a networking event! Meeting Fee - $12 (Includes drinks and non-alcoholic beverages) - RSVP Required. Rotarians and Non-Rotarians are invited. 
A good idea! Thanks to Zones 25-26 Membership News

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