Friday, February 26, 2010

The North American Problem?

Are we North Americans the problem or the solution to Rotary's Membership woes?

See why we might just be - the proverbial Canary in a Coal Mine...

Click here for the discussion.  

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hot off the Presses! Get the Membership Report Your Governor Received!

See how your district is doing on membership... view the Zone 33 Membership Report the Governors saw in their webinar on February 24, 2010 with Rotary Vice-President Eric Adamson.

As a Zone, Districts from South Carolina through Maryland/Delaware/DC, we are UP 3/10 of one percent... Holding even!

Click here for the webinar membership slideshow

Monday, February 22, 2010

New NC Rotary Club Starts with Polio Commitment!

Talk about making an immediate impact... see how the New Rotary Club of Troutman is living the Rotary ideal during the first months of its existence, and making R.I. News in the process.

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Thanks to Arnold R. Grahl, News

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just a Rotary Minute...

If you want to introduce a Rotary prospect to the work of Rotary, or if your club members want to learn more about Rotary International but don’t have hours to dedicate to reading lots of material about the organization, try watching “Rotary Minute.” These short videos are designed by RI to spread the message of Rotary and share what Rotarians throughout the world are learning through their involvement. They are perfect for learning more about Rotary while not interfering with our busy schedules.

To get a taste of what Rotary Minute videos and Rotary International are like, click here

Reprinted from Zones 25-26 Membership News

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Trend from the West Coast- Speed Networking

Those West Coast Rotarians- you have to love them! The Monterrey Pacific CA Rotary Club has facebooked invitations to their Speed Networking event "Rotarians doing business with Rotarians". Here's how they describe it:  

Speed Networking is a new and fresh way to build your business Rolodex in a time efficient manner! Speed Networking is a networking event with an accelerated twist. The program is specifically designed to allow attendees the quick and entertaining opportunity to introduce themselves and pitch their company to other Rotarians in business. With a unique format, participants of Speed Networking will meet more Rotarians, make more contacts, and generate more business leads in one short evening, than they ever thought was possible at a networking event! Meeting Fee - $12 (Includes drinks and non-alcoholic beverages) - RSVP Required. Rotarians and Non-Rotarians are invited. 
A good idea! Thanks to Zones 25-26 Membership News

Say What? Only FIVE PERCENT?

Is it really true that only FIVE PERCENT of Rotarians invite people to become Rotarians? How can that be?

To find out more, click here, for some good ideas shared by our Australian friends. 
From the Zone 8 "Membership on the Move" Newsletter, ed. RRIMC Noel Trevaskis

Why DO Rotarians do what they do?

“Let’s remember that while charity has a mixed record of helping others, it has an almost perfect record of helping ourselves. Helping others may be as primal as food or sex.” Columnist Nicholas Kristof.
Do Rotarians act out of self-interest? Or, is there more to it than that? Click here to read more.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Zone 33-34 Survey Results are Now Available!

The extensive survey results from over 5,000 Rotarians in Zones 33 & 34 on membership topics are available. Click the survey link in the right column of the Blog or click here for the results.

The first few pages contains some preliminary analysis of the data, and the rest of the 868 pages contains the survey questions, graphical summary of results, and the unedited comments of Rotarians for each question. Be patient on the download, as it may take a little while depending on your download speed. 

We Thank You! for your input into this valuable process. Bevin & Jim.