Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Change of Programs & Strategies

The RRIMC program was introduced several years ago but the RI Board in its November 2009 meeting decided to replace it with Rotary Coordinators whose responsibility will include working with RI directors and district leadership to provide information and resources on member-ship issues and on other aspects of Rotary.

In the book “Built to Last” written by James Collins and Jerry Porras, an in-depth analysis was made of what makes organizations successful.

Visionary organizations preserve their core business, stimulate progress and try a lot of stuff and keep what works. The RI Board must now be convinced that the RRIMC program is not performing as expected, hence, the change in strategy.

Looking at Rotary’s year-end membership figures for the past six years when the RRIMC program was introduced, we see a very modest in-crease in membership.

Change of programs and Strategies
Now we ask the question, why are we not seeing a significant increase in membership from the time the RRIMC program was introduced? Do clubs or districts increase their membership just to meet Presidential Citation and Recognition guidelines? Isn’t the presidential citation program getting counter productive? Can we devise a system where out-standing performance is recognized for a three-year period in order to promote to long-term membership growth?

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Thanks to Zone 7 RRIMC Bobby Viray for this article.  

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