Monday, October 5, 2009

People will join your Rotary Club for their reasons, not yours!

Finding those critical matches between what a prospective member wants in an organization like Rotary, and what your particular Rotary club offers, is key to bringing in new members. This is just one of several sales training philosophies that District Membership Chair Abby Donnelly shared during District 7690’s Membership Seminars. While the intent was not to turn club membership chairs into sales people, it’s important to recognize that bringing in new members is a type of sale!

Over 80 club membership chairs and presidents actively engaged in discussion about attracting prospective members, onboarding them effectively into the club, and retaining them for life. They discussed why they joined Rotary -- and why they stay, as they built and practiced content for their 30 second elevator speech.

Their innovative ideas ranged from things as easy as instructing the Sgt. Of Arms to get contact information from every guest at the Sergeant of Arms check in, to things as comprehensive as a new member/prospective member event to drive membership and retention. The energy in the room was high as club chairs shared triumphs and challenges, and by the end of the two hour session, all had at least 1-2 idea they were committed to implement in their club to grow and retain members.  

contributed by: Abby Donnelly, District Membership Chair, Rotary District 7690

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