Sunday, October 18, 2009

Club Program Pointer: Club Member Biographies

On the way from Alaska, my wife and I visited Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Some Rotary friends had assisted with lodging arrangements so we had lunch with them at the Rotary Club of Vancouver.   The, over 100 strong, has an interesting tradition – on the week of member’s birthdays, the club secretary asks each birthday person to stand, then reads a pre-approved 1 - 2 minute biography.  The bio includes the member’s business, hobby, family activities, and items that might interest other members.  The purpose of this tradition is to advance the first Object of Rotary – the Development of Acquaintance as an Opportunity for Service by introducing each club member to the others a minimum of one time a year.

Jim Henry, PDG D-6960
Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator, Zone 34, 2008-10

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