Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is a "Networking Chair" a Step in the Right Direction?

DGE Diana White from District 7020 (Northern Caribbean Islands), a district that had 10% membership growth last year, is planning to institute a "Networking Chair" for next year. 

She shares with us comments from Jamaica AG Haresh L. Ramchandani about events occurring at the semi-annual Interclub assembly of the Rotary Clubs in Jamaica, with over 100 Rotarians participating. A few of those comments: 

During the weekend I started introducing Rotarians I knew with other Rotarians and sharing what they each did for a living with the other. In effect, I was conducting a mini-networking session within the seminar. This was favourably received by all those that got exposed to it. I even got calls the day after saying what a pleasant and refreshing experience it was.
... I believe, if there ever was a time to fulfil Rotary's First object, it is now. When individuals are in such a state of bare survival, if we can't come together to help each other, how will we be able to help the wider community.  
I'd also love to see perhaps when we hold joint socials or seminars that we Rotarians when introducing ourselves that we also state our vocation and even place of business (if applicable), otherwise how will we know who we are and what we all do.
Getting back to Rotary basics sounds like a good formula for success!


Anonymous said...

Debbie Brinkley made a comment about your note "Is a "Networking Chair" a Step in the Right Direction?":

I like it! Nancy your idea is great too. Perhaps a a Rotary Expo in my county would be a good idea. We have approximately 900 Rotarians in 9 clubs in Pulaski County! I would guess that Rotarians could almost exclusively do business with Rotarians. Just a thought.......

DG Nancy Barbee, 7730 said...

Nancy Barbee made a comment about your note "Is a "Networking Chair" a Step in the Right Direction?":

Good idea. Isn't that the main reason Paul Harris started Rotary?? Meeting and networking with friends? Our District conference will be open to Rotarians to have business displays to promote and network.