Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Basics of "New Style" Rotary Clubs

RIBI (Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland) New Club Formation Officer Tony Cotton shares why we need to be sponsoring "New Style" Rotary Clubs.

  • New Clubs will meet every week but there is no pressure on its members on how often they attend – ‘Give what time you can afford to Rotary’- Club programmes are so good that they will want to attend each week!
  • Build relationships within ethnic groups and ensure these potential members are enthused about Rotary aims and ideals.
  • Emphasise the personal development potential of becoming a Rotarian
  • Consider the needs and lifestyles of potential new members:
  • Do they wish to consume a meal at every weekly meeting?
  • Ensure ongoing financial commitment is kept within the means of each member.
  • What dress-code/regalia do they wish to adopt?
  • Do they need a closed room or would they prefer to meet in a quiet corner – open to all who might show an interest?
  • Why not bring family members and friends along to enjoy the fellowship?
  • Let the new club members decide how they wish to serve.
  • Make sure there are plenty of fun activities being planned for the whole family to get involved with
  • Introduce "Rotary Programs" very slowly so as not to overwhelm the new members.
  • Make membership recruitment & retention a priority from the start.
  • Make all members feel valued and "part of the Team"
  • Ensure there is continuity for future club leaders
From the RIBI (Zones 17 & 18) Membership Newsletter, October 2009. RRIMCs Peter Davey & Ray Burman. 

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