Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zone 33 RMA District Assignments Announced

Zone 33 RRIMC Bevin Wall has announced district assignments for the Regional Membership Assistants in the Zone. Each RMA will be assigned 2 districts, usually not their own, to assist with Membership Seminars, District Assemblies & Conferences, Extension efforts and general membership queries.

Your RMA can be contacted by email at the following link: Keith Blankenship, Bob Newton, Sue Poss, Tim Mannix, Bob Stallworth, Abe Clymer, or RRIMC Bevin Wall.

Strategic Plan 101: What do Rotary's Customer's Need?

Zone 34 Membership Leaders, led by RRIMC Jim Henry, grappled with Membership Strategic Planning during their recent Regional Membership Seminar in Chicago. The consensus- that they couldn't build a plan without knowing who their customer is, and what they wanted! Do you know who our customer is?

RRIMC Blog: RI President John Kenny’s 2009-10 Membership Goals & Recognition

Click here for a great summary of Pres. John Kenny's Membership plans for the year on the RRIMC Blog.

RRIMC Blog: RI President John Kenny’s 2009-10 Membership Goals & Recognition

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Proud Hokie Fans are Good Rotarians!

Not to start any regional sporting battles, but Virginia Tech Alums seem to make fine Rotarians according to PDG Bill Pollard in a recent Letter to the Editor for the Virginia Tech Alumni magazine. His comments are below:
"I enjoyed reading about the community service activities of students and alumni in the Spring 2009 Virginia Tech Magazine. As the 2008-09 governor of Rotary International (RI), District 7600 (central and southeastern Virginia), I have met many Hokies during my visits to Rotary clubs. I am not surprised to see so many Virginia Tech alumni as Rotary members because the Rotary motto, "Service Above Self," is similar to the Virginia Tech motto, Ut Prosim (That I May Serve). Two distinguished Hokies who served on the Rotary International board include Bill Skelton (RI president 1983-84) and Bill Sergeant (RI vice president 1981-82). Through their service, Hokies and Rotarians are making dreams real for the less fortunate members of our communities."

Bill "Bebo" Pollard '86
| Suffolk, Va.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rotary Basics Online

The RI website has a new e-learning feature called Rotary Basics Online. New and prospective members as well as existing Rotarians can get an interactive introduction to Rotary International. Watch short videos about RI programs or The Rotary Foundation, view photos of different Rotary events, and listen to Herb Taylor talk about The Four-Way Test.

Topics include the Organization of Rotary, Responsibilities of Club Membership, Rotary’s Guiding Principles, RI Programs, The Rotary Foundation, Rotary’s $200 Million Challenge, and Key Meetings. Click here to view Rotary Basics Online.

Districts and clubs may wish to include a link to the page on their websites and email the link to new and prospective members.

The Rotary Basics publication has also been updated. Click here to download or purchase the publication from the RI website.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Clubs look for Guidance for Cost of Membership Issues

Some good ideas for clubs with members who are experiencing financial crisis.

1. The Club Board can do what they want as far as club dues. The only mandatory dues for active members are the RI dues and the District dues. They can reduce, defer, or forgive any amount of club dues available. This is preferable because it keeps a valuable Rotarian active in the club.

2. The Club Board can accept a request for a reasonable period of leave of absence from a Rotarian. Most clubs do this in 6 months or less increments. This can alleviate much of the club dues situation, although RI dues and the District dues must still be paid.

3. The Club Board can modify dues for meals, such as opt out, pay as they go, or for "Rule of 85" members.

4. The Club can make an active member an "Honorary Member", and take them off the active member rolls. The only payment required is for the annual Rotarian subscription of $12.00. Honorary members generally do meals on a pay as you go basis. They can still be active in club affairs, but can't vote. The Board can decide other parameters, and they don't count in your membership total.