Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Q & A: Five Keys for Club Membership Success

Q. I am the new Membership Chair for this upcoming year for our club. I want to make this the best membership recruiting effort possible. Appreciate any ideas!

A. Congratulations on your assignment! Five Keys to keep in mind for success:
  1. Creativity & Group-based Solutions. Over and over again I see clubs with membership leaders (you!) that are creative and put together group solutions to their membership issues that are successful in the long-run.
  2. Create "buy-in" for the health of your club and the ability to be diverse, representative and to do more in your community.
  3. Planning to meet or exceed the Presidential Citation goals is a must, and any club membership plan should be based on it.
  4. Use Training Opportunities. Last, stay abreast of district training opportunities, club leadership opportunities (like RLI- Rotary Leadership Institute), and membership information. See our blog at and subscribe to and look at past Membership Minutes on the RI Webpage at for ideas.
  5. Assess Your Club Environment. Creating fellowship, networking opportunities and value in your club is key. Once you have a plan to invite prospects, you must have an environment that respects their time and contributions.
Have a great membership year and let me know how I can help!

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