Monday, June 1, 2009

My Rotary Testimonial

I hope that as the Rotary year comes to an end, that you take 5 minutes to think about what your Rotary membership means to you. I think it's a valuable exercise. Feel free to add your own under comments! Here's mine:
During the past two years I have been given he unparalleled opportunity to work with Rotary Clubs across the Mid-Atlantic States to strengthen their membership efforts. It never ceases to amaze me how unselfish Rotarians are, how much they want their communities to shine, and how hard they work to give the less fortunate better opportunities in life. While Rotarians seem to join their club for networking opportunities and a perceived individual advantage, Rotarians stay in Rotary because of fellowship and service. These "Rotarians that stay" see Rotary as a pivotal force for peace in the World... a place where one person can, and often does, make a difference. It is a blessing to my life every day to be a Rotarian.
Bevin Wall, Regional RI Membership Coordinator, Zone 33.


Bill said...
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Bill said...

The greatest benefit serving as a District Governor this year has been making new friendships with Rotarians in our District, Zone family, and throughout the world. Fellowship is the greatest benefit we receive as Rotarians and as a result of these friendships we are able to work together to make our local and international communities a better place to live. Because of these friendships I have not only become a better Rotarian but a better person. To all the Rotarians in District 7600, thank you for your support and dedication to Rotary. Together we did Make Dreams Real.

Bill Pollard
Governor 2008-2009
District 7600

Jim Henry said...

Forty-three years in Rotary is difficult to summarize because each year got better, including the last three years serving Zone 34 first as RRIMZC, then as RRIMC. As I look back, I can only be an example to what a survey from the Rotary Club of Buffalo (NY) recently confirmed. The first five years club members look to network and build their businesses by making friends and developing leadership skills. The next fifteen or so years are spent helping to make our communities a better place in which to live. After that, we continue to sustain existing friendships and developing new acquaintances while helping to make our communities and world a better place for all to live.