Monday, May 4, 2009

Top 40 Vocational Service Ideas from Rotary International Linked In Site

         1. Done in a day service project, followed by party/ reception/ lunch/ cookout, etc. 2. 3-4 member dine-arounds. 3.   "Class of 20xx" projects, 4.  Cigar club. 5. "High 5s" (Happy bucks), 6.  Quarterly evening fellowship events with spouses. 7.   Tailgate party/baseball game, 8.  Cocktail/light dinner evening at a member's law office. 9.  Roll-up-your-sleeves service projects, 10.     Building a Habitat for Humanity House.

        11. Vocational Minute. 12.  Assembling a playground. 13.  Building a gazebo for a local nursing home. 14.  Meeting Presentation "Who am I? What am I?", PowerPoint presentation facts and photos. 15.  "Dinner club" with 4 Rotarians and their spouses. 16.     Field Trips. Visit to the Getty Museum and to the Reagan Library. Rent a bus, buy tickets,etc. 17.     Serving dinner for 50-70 guests at the Salvation Army Winter Homeless Shelter. 18.     Safari Suppers, (Progressive Dinners) 19.     Simple Test – Everyone comments on the qualities of each member on a separate sheet of paper that is passed around 20.     “Surprise facts about you” segment at meeting.

1.        21. People tend to talk more around a dinner table or while working together 22.     Introduce someone you don’t know well. 23.     New members as greeters. 24.     Zingo (similar to Bingo) Cards using little known facts confirmed from mingling through the room. 25.     Re-classification talk by a “more seasoned” Rotarian. 26.     "Hat of the Week" talk. 27.     Host quarterly socials. 28.     "Share your journey" presentations, including why you joined Rotary. 29.     "Happy Fines" or “Happy Bucks”.  30.     "Mixer days" – table assignments once a month.

31.     31.  "Rotary After Hours". socializing / networking. 32.     Rotary After Hours at the place of business of a member . 33.     New member badge. 34.     Tradition to go around and shake hands with every one before the meeting starts. 35.     Secret Greeter that reports to the Sgt. At Arms. 36.     Greeters- Two members at the door to greet every one as arrive. 37.     Highlight a member in our clubs bulletin. 38.     Highlight member on club website. 39.     Recognize 2 to 3 members on or about the date of their birthday at each weekly meeting. 40.  Read a birthday bio.

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