Wednesday, May 27, 2009

20 Reasons to Join Rotary

According to the Portsmouth VA Rotary Club there are (at least) 20 good reasons to join Rotary.

I share with you their information given to club members before their big membership drive. 

Last year they netted 11 new members from this event! 

A Farmer's Story

RRIMC Jim Henry says we need more "Seedy" Rotarians... 

Who are these people, where do we find them, and why do we need them?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zone Webinars Set

Please note the following schedule for Zone Webinars. These are invitation-only webinars between Director Eric Adamson, Director-Elect John Smarge, and current & future District Leadership in Zones 33 & 34. A review of Membership status and issues is to be included in this webinar. 

May 26, 2009 2:00 PM, Zone 34 District Goveror-Elects (DGEs)

May 27, 2009 2:00 PM, Zone 34 District Governors (DGs)

May 27, 2009 3:30 PM, Zone 33 District Governors (DGs)

June 2, 2009 3:30 PM, Zone 33 District Governor Elects (DGEs)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Michael Josephson Commentary: Grocery Store Ethics 619.4

Ethicist Michael Josephson was a featured speaker at the RI Convention & Rotary Institute in Los Angelos. His comments focused on the Rotary Four Way Test and the ethical assault our country faces. See what he thinks about our conduct in the grocery store!   

Michael Josephson Commentary: Grocery Store Ethics 619.4

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Calling All District Membership Chairs!

District Membership Chairs and District Membership Development Committees

The new Rotary year is fast approaching.  If DGEs have not yet appointed district membership chairs, they are encouraged to do so. Please notify RRIMC Bevin Wall @ and notify RI via Member Access.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Membership Deadline is May 15

Recognitions for the 2008-09 Presidential Membership Awards will be based on Membership numbers in Clubs and Districts effective May 15, 2009. 

Please have all Club Secretaries update their membership information immediately if they have not otherwise done so, so that this information will be as accurate as possible. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Fun Works!

District 6900 (GA, USA) Membership Chair Mary Chapman has it right! 

Find out why promoting FUN in a Rotary club may be the most targeted, effective (and yes, FUN) way to increase the quantity and quality of your club's members. Additionally, find out 5 simple and effective techniques to make your club a fun place to be and serve. 

Click here to see Mem. Chr. Mary's GREAT letter to Club Presidents. Could your club use some similar encouragement? 

Promote the New "This is Rotary" Video-DVD

Watch RI's newest promotional video online. Use online resources to promote the four minute overview of Rotary included on the This Is Rotary DVD. Start off by adding it to your club's or district's Web site or blog, then consider posting it to your Facebook or Linkedin profile, or even tweet about it. Continue promoting the video through an e-mail to all Rotarians in your club or district, and consider posting it on a local community service blog or discussion board. Have another idea? Send your tip to

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Redistricting Surfaces Amid Difficult Economic Times

Amid the financial turmoil of the global recession, and with the Rezoning of the Rotary world set and to be implemented July 1, 2009, the issue of Redistricting is again being discussed at the highest levels of Rotary International. 

In Decision 183, January 2009, Quarterly Updates to Directors, "The Districting Committee agreed that directors should be regularly advised of those districts in their respective zones that have fewer than 33 clubs and / or 1,200 Rotarians, and that directors advised of such districts should work with the regional Rotary International membership coordinator and district leadership to develop strategies for possible redistricting and for sustaining membership growth in the region."  Pursuant to that decision RI Directors are now receiving quarterly updates from the RI Membership Development Division on those districts in "statistical noncompliance" with the 33/1200 benchmark.

The three districts within Zones 33-34 currently below the 33/1200 benchmark are District 7000 Puerto Rico with 1,102 Rotarians in 33 Rotary clubs, District 7530 in Northern West Virginia with 1,190 Rotarians in 30 Rotary clubs, and District 7550 in Southern West Virginia with 1,325 Rotarians in 28 Rotary clubs.   

Our Director, Eric Adamson, and RRIMCs Bevin Wall (Z33) and Jim Henry (Z34) are charged with working with each of these Rotary districts ..."to develop strategies for possible redistricting and for sustaining membership growth in the region".

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

EZ Club Retention Calculator is Available

A very easy tool for calculating your club's real performance in keeping existing members is now available on this website. 

This very easy to use tool has been lovingly modified by our resident Engineer - RRIMC Jim Henry - for those of us who are "numbers challenged". It really is EZ! Give it a try!

Click here for the EZ Calculator or click the link in recent downloads on the right side of the Blog.  

Monday, May 4, 2009

Top 40 Vocational Service Ideas from Rotary International Linked In Site

         1. Done in a day service project, followed by party/ reception/ lunch/ cookout, etc. 2. 3-4 member dine-arounds. 3.   "Class of 20xx" projects, 4.  Cigar club. 5. "High 5s" (Happy bucks), 6.  Quarterly evening fellowship events with spouses. 7.   Tailgate party/baseball game, 8.  Cocktail/light dinner evening at a member's law office. 9.  Roll-up-your-sleeves service projects, 10.     Building a Habitat for Humanity House.

        11. Vocational Minute. 12.  Assembling a playground. 13.  Building a gazebo for a local nursing home. 14.  Meeting Presentation "Who am I? What am I?", PowerPoint presentation facts and photos. 15.  "Dinner club" with 4 Rotarians and their spouses. 16.     Field Trips. Visit to the Getty Museum and to the Reagan Library. Rent a bus, buy tickets,etc. 17.     Serving dinner for 50-70 guests at the Salvation Army Winter Homeless Shelter. 18.     Safari Suppers, (Progressive Dinners) 19.     Simple Test – Everyone comments on the qualities of each member on a separate sheet of paper that is passed around 20.     “Surprise facts about you” segment at meeting.

1.        21. People tend to talk more around a dinner table or while working together 22.     Introduce someone you don’t know well. 23.     New members as greeters. 24.     Zingo (similar to Bingo) Cards using little known facts confirmed from mingling through the room. 25.     Re-classification talk by a “more seasoned” Rotarian. 26.     "Hat of the Week" talk. 27.     Host quarterly socials. 28.     "Share your journey" presentations, including why you joined Rotary. 29.     "Happy Fines" or “Happy Bucks”.  30.     "Mixer days" – table assignments once a month.

31.     31.  "Rotary After Hours". socializing / networking. 32.     Rotary After Hours at the place of business of a member . 33.     New member badge. 34.     Tradition to go around and shake hands with every one before the meeting starts. 35.     Secret Greeter that reports to the Sgt. At Arms. 36.     Greeters- Two members at the door to greet every one as arrive. 37.     Highlight a member in our clubs bulletin. 38.     Highlight member on club website. 39.     Recognize 2 to 3 members on or about the date of their birthday at each weekly meeting. 40.  Read a birthday bio.

        For more great ideas and to participate in the discussion, join the Official Rotary International Group at Linked In