Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Linked In Discussion groups are becoming a great place to exchange ideas about Rotary & Membership. The highlighted Rotary group- Official Rotary International Group.

From this group I share this recent post on successful membership drive ideas shared by 7730 DG Lee Dixon. If you want to join the action, click here for information on a linked in account (free) or click here if you already have an account and want to join this discussion.  

Recently our club did a program on membership awareness,,we had our membership committee divide up the program to talk about the benefits of new members coming into the club,,,how to propose members and lined out an action plan where we asked our members to committ to inviting either 10, 5, 3, 2, or 1 guest to Rotary during the month of May,,which we declared as Membership Awareness Month. The Club will pick up the meal costs and allow any new member to be Dues free for the remainder of the year,,,we also went back and looked at our program speakers for the year and invited them to be our guest in May. I personally went thru my contact list and invited several and have 12 so far committed to visit our club. We think this Action plan will generate new members and we are excited to see the results. 

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