Saturday, March 14, 2009

Zone Membership Numbers Present a Challenge

The official RI Membership Numbers are out for the period July 1 2008- February 28 2009, and the news presents a challenge for all districts across the two Zones. 

Districts in Zone 33 posted a -0.55% loss in membership, while Zone 34 posted a -0.82% loss. District 7020 in the Northern Caribbean boasted the largest gain in membership with a +4.29% increase. However, 21 of the 27 Districts in the Zones show losses so far this Rotary year, with a net loss of 484 Rotarians. 

Worldwide, the statistics show a +1.08% membership increase so far this Rotary year.

This presents a clear challenge to all Rotarians for the balance of this year. We have an opportunity to break a downward trend line going back several years, or to extend it with further losses. 

The first half of this Rotary year shows us that our efforts do effect these numbers and concentration and promotion of membership issues does have a positive impact on the numbers. We must redouble our efforts now, and do what we can to support Rotary clubs in membership development! 

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