Monday, March 9, 2009

The Development of Acquaintance as an Opportunity for Service

  Membership: An Eight Member Florida Club grows to Seventeen


Jim Henry, RRIMC Zone 34

The Triple Analogy

            Several members of a struggling eight-member Rotary club in a growing Florida community were also members of a networking group.  In 2008 the two groups merged to become one seventeen-member Rotary club that maintains virtually 100% attendance.  Networking is a vital part of the club’s meetings; the meetings are more fun, their businesses more successful, and the members are more involved in community activities. 

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Paul KNYFF said...

Thank you, Jim. A powerful message. I remember us discussing this issue during the Chicago training. Am I allowed to translate the text into the Dutch language? The credit will be yours, of course. Rgds. Paul Knyff RRIMC BeNeLux (Z13A + Z18B).