Thursday, February 12, 2009

Younger members joining Rotary clubs as networking tool

Article from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online provided by PDG Sandy Duckworth of Fredericksburg VA

The Rotary Club of Milwaukee is working hard these days to stay relevant as a networking group 95 years after it was founded.

That means embracing Internet tools like social media to recruit young people.

"The view is that service organizations are dead and membership is dying," says Mary McCormick, executive director of the Rotary Club of Milwaukee. "We're constantly holding up the mirror to figure out how to continue to be relevant."

Rotary International has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and sponsors discussion groups on those sites. The Rotary Club of Milwaukee, with 400 members, is not yet using social media, although its members use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to send out news, listen to what Rotarians are discussing, answer questions and help Rotarians connect with each other.


Bill said...

Obtaining younger business professionals and community leaders as Rotarians is vital to the growth and continued success of Rotary. We need to provide potential younger members with the benefits of joinig Rotary such as developing leadership skills, establishing relationships with business and community leaders, networking opportunities, and making new friendships.

Bill Pollard
Governor, D7600

Lee Dixon said...

D7730 is in the process of chartering a New Generations Club. This is a fantastic concept that has energy and excitement. Our New Generations Provisional Club met for the first time just before Christmas with 6 potential members,, their second meeting they had 12 and the third meeting they had 25. This concept gives a place for our untapped resourses of potential Young Rotarians. They are already discussing fund raisers and potential projects. This will be a "Young" Club on the go.

Lee Dixon
DG 2008-2009
Make Dreams Real