Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Worldwide & Zone 33 Membership: What the Statistics Say

The numbers are in! For January 2009, that is. 

Worldwide, Rotary is up 10,948 Rotarians from July 1, 2008, a +0.91% increase, resulting in a world membership total of 1,217,037 Rotarians. The number of clubs worldwide has increased by 19 to 33,135, according to statistics published this week by R.I.     

Reversing a +0.27% increase showing atthe end of November, 2008, membership trends in our Zone 33 (NC, SC, VA, E TN, WV, USA) took a generally downward direction from the period from November 30 2008 to January 31 2009. 

The statistics were the focal point of a Zonewide videoconference led by R.I. Director Eric Adamson and RRIMC Bevin Wall on February 10, 2009 that included Governors from around Zone 33. Zone 34's statistics closely mirror those in Zone 33.

The statistics, all showing changes from the July 1, 2008 RI Start figures, show Zone 33 with a -0.59% decrease in membership zonewide, with a net loss of 197 Rotarians. 

However, District Governors related a number of administrative issues, including the (temporary) suspension of several medium size clubs, that, in particular, reduced numbers in Districts 7550 and 7680 by over 100 Rotarians, thus disproportionally skewing the numbers. 

There also continue to be concerns about the data discrepancies between R.I. and the DaCdb database used by all Zone 33 districts for reporting.     

The number of clubs in the zone has remained relatively static, however, Governors across the Zone indicated progress on new club formation in their respective districts, many of which may charter before June 30 2009. 

The upcoming Regional Membership Seminar on March 26-27 2009 & The Presidential Membership Conference on March 27-28, both in Washington DC were discussed and promoted. The focus for the seminar will be planning, promoting and conducting an effective District Membership Event.
Click here for the full copy of the latest Membership Report, showing membership for all districts and zones worldwide. The last page of the report contains the Zones 33 & 34 data. Contact RRIMC Bevin Wall for further information.              


Chuck Davidson said...

As a reminder to those of us in Zone 33 going to the Presidential Membership Conference in late March, it may be closer to you than you think! Despite being billed as in Baltimore, the actual location is on Washington's Capital Beltway in Greenbelt, MD. That's a full half or three-quarters hour closer than Baltimore to those driving up from the south, and Washington's Reagan National Airport is a viable (and closer) airport alternative than BWI. Food for thought!

Chuck Davidson
D7610 DG

Tracy Aitcheson, DG 7570 said...

PDG Bevin Wall,
I am happy to see that Rotary has grown to 1,217,037 members with the addition of 10,948 Rotarians, I do hope your visit to RI is successful however I do worry about "overkill". The number of "administrative issues" you explained in your blog were touched on slightly but only slightlyand if it comes to the surface this could be a large negative issue.
Tracy Aitcheson, DG
District 7570 '08 '09

Bill Pollard, DG 7600 said...

Database shows plus 14 membership as of today for D7600.

DG Bill Pollard, RID 7600

Lee Dixon said...

D7730 was glad to learn we are number 2 in the Zone in Membership Growth,,,We should have approximately 25 more soon with the addition of a New Generations Club soon

Lee Dixon
DG 2008-2009
Make Dreams Real