Monday, September 29, 2008

PRIP Frank Devlyn on Promoting Membership in Rotary by Invitation, in Magazines & Brochures, and on Web Sites

RI Director Eric Adamson commends the following reading from Past RI President Frank Devlyn's "Frank Talk on the Rotary Foundation". Eric states that the content for this "Frank Talk" Message came from the Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland Web site.  He believes it is relevant for all of us if our organization will have the chance to grow as it needs to in the future. The follow are exerpts from "Frank Talk"

Attracting new members is vital to a Rotary club's long term success, and so clubs put a great deal of emphasis on expanding their membership with enthusiastic and service-minded individuals.

Prospective members must actively hold -or be retired from -a professional, proprietary, executive or managerial position. And they must have the desire and ability to serve and to meet the club's attendance requirements for its weekly meetings.

An important distinction between Rotary and other organizations is that membership in Rotary is by invitation. However this should not stop anyone who feels that they might like to become a Rotarian from indicating an interest, either by speaking to a Rotarian, or by getting in touch with a local Club - with no obligation on either side.

Clubs usually maintain a list of the types of businesses and professions in their community and seek candidates to fill classifications not already held by an active member of the club, but classifications are many and varied.

Examples of classifications include, for example: Schools; Universities; Eye Surgery; Tires -Distributing; Tires -Retailing; Dramatic Arts; Law -Civil.) In this manner, a club aims to include a significant cross section of its community's vocational life, and has the widest possible resources and expertise for its service programs and projects.

Your amigo in Mexico City,
Frank J., Devlyn
RI President 2000-2001
TRF Chairman 2005-2006

Rotary International President 2000-01 Chairman, The Rotary Foundation 2005-06