Saturday, August 16, 2008

Some recruitment and retention ideas from 7680

Poker Run: Five former club members are recruited to be among the stops on the Poker Run. As Rotarians stop by to get their cards, they have a chance to reconnect. At the end of the day, the former Rotarians are invited to a cookout—and to consider rejoining the club.

Rotary Olympics: The club is divided into teams for a fun game night. Each team brings a prospect. Playing games together helps members get to know one another better and helps prospects get to know the club. Families participate too.

Draw names for retention: Twice each year, members draw a name of another member. They have two weeks to make contact with the person whose name they drew, for coffee, cocktails, a meal, whatever.

Fifth Wednesday Socials: A Wednesday noon club takes advantage of every fifth Wednesday to move its meeting time to the evening for a social, at someone’s house, a cookout, something special.

Youth Exchange: Look for parents of outbound students and host parents of inbound students as prospects for Rotary membership.

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