Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wanted: District Membership Web Pages

Do you have a dedicated Membership page on YOUR District Website? If not, shouldn't you have one?

RI President D.K. Lee said in June at our Regional Membership Seminar in Evanston that Membership and The Rotary Foundation have an equal emphasis this year. I have yet to visit a District Website that does not have dedicated pages on The Rotary Foundation, however, very few have dedicated Membership Pages.

DG Bill Pollard of District 7600 (Southeast Virginia USA) has a dedicated Membership Page. He challenges each district to develop one, and provide it to our Blog. We have a list at the bottom right of the Blog of District Membership Pages.

We need every district to:
  1. Develop a District Membership Page on their Website,

  2. Provide Us with the Link to Your District Membership Page,

  3. Have your District Website Link to our Membership Blog!

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