Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2007 Comparison to Start Figures Available

According to Jennifer Deters at RI, Comparison to Start Figures calculate the variance for every district at each month-end against 1 July Start Figures.

Click here to see the C-S Report through June 30. 2008. latest report and how your district stacks up!
This report is also listed on the Membership Resources Page on this Blog.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

District 6970 Membership Seminar Agenda Posted

See the 6970 Membership Seminar Agenda posted on the Membership Resources Page.

Club Membership Plan- Model

As RRIMC, I get samples of many items which I will pass on for you to possibly use. I know many of you have your District Membership Seminar coming up shortly, and we in Zones 33 – 34 want to be Number One membership development this year.

I have Abby’s Donnelly's permission to pass this Club Membership Plan template used in District 7690 on to you. You will find in the document how to get in touch with Abby if you want to talk to her about it. The document is also listed under Membership Resources on this Blog.

Jim Henry, PDG D-6960
Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator, Zone 34, 2008-09

New Generations Club- Cocktail Club

Here's the website of a thriving "cocktail club, the Tallahassee (FL) Sunset Rotary Club. If you have any questions about how their club operates, I am sure they will be willing to share with you! Contact Jaimi Wacksman at

Check out these New Member Videos!


1) Check out Welcome to Rotary, a short new video segment, viewable now at at Less than four minutes long, and offering a broad overview of Rotary and the Four Avenues of Service, this video provides an excellent introduction to Rotary club membership for new members.
-Find the video on the RI Web site by going to and clicking on Members, New Members, Getting Involved.
- Encourage clubs to have new members visit the RI Web site and view this video by promoting it in your next newsletter.

2) Welcome to Rotary is included in the new Membership Video Set (427-MU), a multi-video package that includes two DVDs: one for new members and one for prospective members. Each DVD features a compilation of Rotary videos, including Welcome to Rotary, various Humanity in Motion public service announcements, and segments from RVM: The Rotarian Video Magazine, with selections in all available languages. A recent best seller at the RI Convention in Los Angeles at $10 USD, this new video shows new and prospective members what it means to be a Rotarian.
Rotarians can visit to purchase items from the catalog.

Rotary Membership Made Easy

District Membership Chair Jim Culp shares with us his Rotary Membership Made Easy Plan. It really is sweet and simple. Any Rotary Club of any size can do this!

Another Great idea shared by Jim is his Membership Open House idea.

Click the above links for the plan summaries.

For more information contact Jim Culp at

Register Now for the 2009 Baltimore MD Presidential Membership Conference

One of only two Presidential Membership Conferences in North America takes place in Baltimore MD USA, easily within reach of many of our Zones' Rotary Clubs. The event is scheduled for March 27,28, 2009.

According to PMC General Chair, PDG Toni McAndrew, the purpose of this conference is to explore and introduce: a vision for the future of Rotary International and its membership; how we can best impact membership at the club level; discuss how demographic and generational changes impacts this vision; review pertinent regional changes and the impact on membership; and celebrate best practices at the club level. Additionally, the goal at each of these conferences is for presenters outside of Rotary to discuss volunteering trends and demographic changes within the specific region. Director Mike Colasurdo of New Jersey is the Convenor of the event.

Suggested Conference attendees:
· Club presidents and officers
· Club membership committee chairs and members
· District membership committee chairs and members
· District extension committee chairs and members
· Other district leadership and past RI officers
· All Rotarians interested in helping Rotary grow!

Event and Lodging Registration can be accessed here or under Membership Must Links on this page.

Wanted: District Membership Web Pages

Do you have a dedicated Membership page on YOUR District Website? If not, shouldn't you have one?

RI President D.K. Lee said in June at our Regional Membership Seminar in Evanston that Membership and The Rotary Foundation have an equal emphasis this year. I have yet to visit a District Website that does not have dedicated pages on The Rotary Foundation, however, very few have dedicated Membership Pages.

DG Bill Pollard of District 7600 (Southeast Virginia USA) has a dedicated Membership Page. He challenges each district to develop one, and provide it to our Blog. We have a list at the bottom right of the Blog of District Membership Pages.

We need every district to:
  1. Develop a District Membership Page on their Website,

  2. Provide Us with the Link to Your District Membership Page,

  3. Have your District Website Link to our Membership Blog!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Zone 33 Membership Beach Retreat Approaches

A Membership Beach Retreat is scheduled for invited Membership leaders from Zone 33 on August 1-3, 2008 at The OC Spa & Conference Center at The Ocean Club Resort, 1700 Salter Path Road, Indian Beach, NC. The event is open to Regional Membership Assistants (RMAs) and invited facilitators in the Club Visioning Program. Spouses are welcome to come to the beach and attend the sessions.

The event agenda is available by clicking the event agenda image on the right. The official program activities begin at 3:00 pm on Friday August 1, 2008. Dress code is beach casual for the entire weekend.

For more information contact RRIMC Bevin Wall

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meet our Newest Support Staff in Evanston: Susan Biebel

You may have the opportunity to hear a new voice on the phone at RI for your Membership Inquiries. Susan Biebel recently joined the Membership staff and will serve as the Coordinator for Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator (RRIMC) Support.

Susan is a native of the Chicago suburbs and is now living back in Chicago. She is no stranger to Rotary, having been in Interact during her High School days. She gained some international experience by studying abroad in Rome, Italy during college. Most recently, I worked for a staffing firm as a recruiter for nonprofit organizations.

Says Susan, “I am extremely impressed with Rotary as an organization and I am thrilled to be part of the team! “. We look forward to working with Susan to meet our Membership goals this year!

Here’s Susan’s contact information:
Susan Biebel
Coordinator, RRIMC Membership Support
Rotary International
1560 Sherman Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201
ph: 847-866-3217, fax: 847-866-9446

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Q & A on New Generations Rotary Clubs

Q: What is a New Generations Rotary Club?

A: New Generations Clubs are just Rotary Clubs that are non-traditional in time, place, dues, and are formatted to appeal to young people.

The following brief article by RI PP Luis Giay is informative:

Rotary’s growth, especially the recruiting of young persons, has been an ongoing goal of Rotarians since our organization was founded 102 years ago. Personally, I think an important and positive step was taken during my presidency in 1996-1997 when, as part of the “Rotary Programs for the New Generations”, we included a proposal for “Rotary Clubs for the New Generations”. This idea filled a significant void in
terms of Rotary’s global growth, and it is a trailblazing attempt to make Rotary clubs more attractive to young people. RI’s President for 2001-02, and others also supports the chartering of these clubs as an integral part of his efforts to expand Rotary. Also RI Committees for New Generations has been appointed recently for more than three years.

Structurally, these clubs do not differ from other Rotary clubs, except that their membership is geared toward young persons of both sexes between 25 and 40 years of age, a wide, non-restrictive range. Joining Rotary is difficult for them because they have little free time, limited financial resources, or because our Rotarian leaders are inflexible when it comes to admitting young people. Most founding members of these clubs are past Rotaractors, Rotary Foundation alumni, former participants in Rotary programs, or the children or relatives of Rotarians, etc. In other words, they are persons who know about Rotary and our work, who in this way are afforded the chance to remain in contact with us and to be a part of our organization through Rotary Clubs for the New Generations. These clubs’ meetings are usually shorter. They could be clubs that meet for breakfast or in the afternoon or in the evening after work. The business portion of the meeting usually lasts about one hour, which is spent making plans for service activities. These features hold down the cost of membership and better accommodate the hectic schedules of young persons.

The requirements for organizing these clubs are no different from the formal organization of any other club. They are no special rules, and they can be organized through Rotary International or a RI Service Center. They require the approval of the district governor, who names, together with the sponsor club, a Rotarian to be in charge of the extension activity. The main characteristic of these clubs is that they bring together young leaders who are capable of engaging in a more fluid intergenerational dialogue and who direct their most important service activities toward the new generations especially children and youths.

Some other articles:

As to who you contact for more information, see your Membership Chair, or your RRIMC!


PDG Bevin Wall
Zone 33 Regional RI Membership Coordinator 2008-09