Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Membership Resource: Rotary PR Tips

See the latest version of Rotary PR Tips for ideas you can use to make clubs stronger and more visible in the community.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Joint Zone 33-34 Regional Membership Seminar a Success!

65 Rotarian Leaders from across the Southeast United States and Caribbean participated in the Zones 33-34 Regional Membership Seminar held June 3-5, 2008 at The Rotary Building in Evanston, Illinois.

The event focus was the development of a District Membership Strategic Plan for each of the 25 participating Rotary districts. Several districts presented the highlights of their plans to the group after having some dedicated time to refine their plan.

One of the benefits of holding the event at RI Headquarters is being in close proximity to Rotary Senior Leadership and staff. The Seminar was addressed by RI President Wilf Wilkinson, RI President-Elect D.K. Lee, Rotary Foundation Chair Robert Scott, RI General Secretary Ed Futa, RI Director-Elect Eric Adamson, and Past RI Director and RI Membership Development Committee Chair Ron Beaubien.

Rotarian presenters included Abby Donnelly on The First Object of Rotary: Acquaintance as an Opportunity for Service, Bill Griffin on Service, Bob Stinson on the Elements of a Strategic Plan, Jim Culp on a New Method for Identifying Prospective Members, Jim Pierce, Bill Pollard & Wynn Dixon on a Multi-Club Approach for Forming New Clubs, and Gary Israel on Club Strategic Planning. RRIMC Bevin Wall and Rotarian Bob Newton moderated a series of Q & A Sessions. RI Membership Staff involved in the program included included Donna McDonald, Jill Pohren and Jennifer Deters.

A panel discussion on RI Resources moderated by RRIMC Bevin Wall concluded the event with panelists RRIMC Jim Henry, District 7730 Trainer and Professional Trainer Bob Stinson, RIMZC Sue Poss, and RI Membership Development Staff Member Jennifer Deters.

RRIMC Bevin Wall (Zone 33) and RRIMC Jim Henry (Zone 34) convened the event, which was the first joint Zone 33-34 Regional Membership Event, and the first such event to be held at RI Headquarters. Click The Photo Below for More Event Photos
2008-06 RRMS Evanston