Tuesday, April 22, 2008

District Strategic Planning Questionnaire

To: 2008-09 District Membership Coordinators

The theme at the Regional Zone 33 – 34 Membership Seminar in Evanston is to encourage Districts to develop and execute District Membership Strategic Plans designed to inspire, encourage, and equip clubs to set long term membership development goals (three to five years) with short term benchmarks. (Our short term benchmark is a 10% net membership gain in 2008-09.)
In our terms, Membership Development includes keeping existing members; attracting new members; and revitalizing existing clubs. Organizing new clubs (Extension) means just that, but undertaken in accordance with Rotary International requirements and guidelines.

At our Regional Seminar, we are going to allot time for districts to outline District Membership Strategic Plans, exchange ideas, and advise what support from RRIMCs and RI will be needed in order to more efficiently execute their plan.

To make efficient use of the time, some advance preparation is necessary. Please complete the Strategic Planning Questionnaire (full link below) prior to the Regional Membership Seminar and turn it in when your register on June 3, 2008. We would prefer not to have any identifying names or wording on the questionnaire you turn in. We will tabulate the responses and make them available Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning of the Seminar.

You may find it beneficial to ask your Districts incoming leaders and other interested District leaders to complete the questionnaire and return them to you. Bring all with you to the Regional Seminar for tabulation. They will be returned.

If you are not attending the Regional Membership Seminar but want to participate with the questionnaire, please complete it and return it in pdf or jpg format electronically to Jim Henry at jrhjr@jimhenrybooks.com or snail mail it to:

Jim Henry
255 Suntan Avenue
Sarasota, Fl

We will post the survey results on our BLOG so you can compare your response.

Jim Henry, RRIMC Zone 34

Bevin Wall, RRIMC Zone 33


Anonymous said...

From: John Tice [mailto:j.tice@bulltice.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 10:53 AM
To: Jim Henry
Subject: RE: Membership Seminar

Jim – In filling out the questionnaire, should we answer for the 2007-08 year or 2008-09? My answers are different in a number of cases depending on the year – especially in 1. District Administration..

John P. Tice, Jr.,

Jim Henry said...


Good question. Wish I had thought of it.

Since everything is in present tense, I would use 2007-08. But you might want to do two questionnaires and go for 2008-09. Anyway, the main questionnaire emphasis is to get ever one to thinking about Membership Strategic Plans in general, but survey results will be interesting.


Andre M Hylton, District 7020 Membership Chair said...

Who is responsible for completing the District Membership Questionnaire and by what date?

Andre M Hylton
District Membership Chairman
District 7020

Jim Henry, RRIMC Zone 34 said...


We recommend that all District Membership Coordinators complete the questionnaire, as well as anyone in any district that is going to be involved in membership now and in the future. The questionnaire is a tool to get interested Rotarians to thinking about Membership.

I would appreciate those going to the Zone Membership Seminar in Evanston bringing the completed questionnaire with them. For those not going, I would appreciate having the results so I can put it into a data base. In my data base, we will only be looking for numbers and will not keep record of names or districts.