Wednesday, April 9, 2008

2008 Membership Update

RI Membership Development Committee Member Toni McAndrew (pictured, right) shares with us some encouraging news in her recent update to Regional RI Membership Coordinators (RRIMCs), and I share them with you.
Worldwide as of March 31, 2008, Rotary Clubs have increased by 179 since July 2007 and membership overall, has increased by 23,388! What a great way to end the third Rotary quarter!

Zones 30 through 34 (East Coast US, East Canada, Part of Caribbean) added a net gain of 8 new clubs to the above figures and a net gain of 824 members. Please commend those districts that have made such a concerted effort to increase membership.

Overall, the numbers look great. However, some districts are still losing members consistently. Every above Zone has at least one district with a 25 member loss or greater. We will be posting these numbers shortly for Zones 33 & 34.

The general upward trend in the United States and the successes of districts all around us show that it is possible for all of our districts to grow, and for our clubs to benefit from thriving, healthy membership! We need to continue to keep our focus on membership- it is working!

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