Monday, March 24, 2008

Red Should be the Color!

Should be the Official Color of Membership Committees!

is the color of passion.
Passion is the heart of all Rotary membership committees.
No passion. No members.

is the color of love.
Membership committee members and clubs should love advancing the Object of Rotary;
otherwise clubs will have difficulty being effective at keeping and recruiting members.


is the brightest color.
Membership committee members, working with club and district leaders, must see that the clubs brilliantly demonstrate the 4-Way Test in order to attract the brightest business, professional, and community leaders,

is the most visible color.
To have prestige, membership committees, working with other committees, must see that club and
Rotary International service activities are visible to club members and the public.

is fire.
If membership committees and clubs are not on fire,
members who are will flame out.


is the color of power.
Influence, the most effective and lasting form of power, is gained
by membership committees and clubs who are dedicated to Rotary’s motto
Service above Self.

Inspired by and adapted with permission from Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling.
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Posted by Jim Henry, RRIMZ 2008-09 Zone 34

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