Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Zone 34 Membership Seminar Scheduled for Evanston

Please encourage your District Membership Chairs/co-chairs and District Governors for the next three years to attend the Zone 34 Membership Seminar in Evanston, Illinois June 4-5, 2008. This follows the Zone 34 Rotary Foundation Seminar (June 2-3) with a joint dinner schedule for June 3.

The Membership Seminar emphasis will be on Developing District Membership Strategic Plans. More information will be arriving in the near future.

"Expenditures approximate Priorities - Does your district have a budget to "help the individual Rotary club advance the Object of Rotary" through membership development."

Jim Henry
Zone 34 RRIMC 2008-09

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Bevin Wall said...

All District Membership Chairs, Please note that Zone 34 is GA, FL, and Districts 7020 and 7030 in the Caribbean. This event does not include Clubs in WV, VA, TN, NC & SC.