Sunday, January 6, 2008

Why a BLOG for Membership?

No, I cannot take credit for the idea of a Rotary Membership Blog! (a/k/a "web log")

My 13 year old daughter has been asking me why Rotary doesn't have Blogs for several years. She and all of her friends have been sharing in this manner daily for years.

Then, amazingly, someone in the Rotary world did listen to their teenage daughter (or son), and the results are at least two existing Zone-level membership Blogs.

Here's the article that alerted me - from the January 2008 Membership Coordinator Newsletter:

WHO IS BLOGGING? The August 2007-08 issue of the Membership Coordinator Newsletter talked about using an online blog as a creative alternative to an electronic newsletter or an emailed PDF. Congratulations to 2007-08 RI Membership Development & Retention Committee member Nico de Boer, zone 13 in The Netherlands, and RRIMC Jose Adolfo Herrera, zone 21 in the Dominican Republic, who have had recent success with their blogs!
Also, please remember to visit the membership coordinator monthly newsletters posted on the RI Web. They continue to be a valuable resource for solutions to common membership challenges .You can visit membership coordinator blogs at the following links:Zone 21 Zone 13

So, If it works on three other continents, I am sure it can be of some benefit here in North America!


Steve Cook said...

Bevin -- I tried to send this before but did not have a google account.

Firts, great job setting this up.

Would like to get histrical data on the district and just the District for 10 years. How can I do that?

Also would like to talk to anyone that wants to learn about the value of having an Area Membership Coordinator working with the Assistant Governors.

Let's make membership happen.


Bevin Wall said...


Why don't you put up a new post and open the dialogue on the Area Mmembership Coordinator topic? It would be a great start up topics as people sign on.

Please clarify your historical data request. Do you want the numbers for all the clubs in your district for 5 years, or just the overall district numbers for 5 years? Both are obtainable quickly.