Sunday, January 6, 2008

Getting the Blog Off of the Ground!

It is fitting that the first BLOG entry to the Zone 33-34 Membership BLOG is one of thanks.

Many years of dedicated work in the membership area have occurred in Zones 33 and 34. Being that my experience has mostly been within Zone 33, I recognize current Regional Rotary Membership Coordinator (RRIMC) 2006-08 Joe Ferguson who has been a tireless worker in the area of membership, and has trained no less that three RIMZC (Zone Coordinators) and over 25 District Membership Chairs. He is the originator of our Zone 33 Membership Training held jointly with Zone Rotary Foundation and District Trainer events in June of each year in Greensboro, North Carolina. He has advanced this training in a professional, organized, and efficient manner. Likewise, past RIMZC Ron Ferrill of Martinsville, VA and my current compatriot RIMZC Sue Poss of Greer, SC are each superior Rotarians who are dedicated to Rotary's ongoing membership mission and its importance to our clubs. Ron and Sue both served as Zone Membership Newsletter Editors during their tenures.

I also acknowledge Zone 34 RRIMC Lona Pope of Gainesville, Georgia USA, and RIMZCs Jim Henry and Fran Milberg. Both Lona and Joe Ferguson have cooperatively put together tremendous membership plenary sessions during the last several Zone Institutes. All of these individuals work closely with their assigned districts as motivational and idea resources.

Thanks to these committed Rotarians, and others before them, we are able to walk upon the bridges they built to reach ever further toward our goal of positive and significant membership growth for our organization. Organizations are either growing or dying. The service that Rotary provides those less fortunate around the world demands that we grow! And, we thank these committed Rotarians for their service, and hope to continue to draw on their expertise in the future.

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