Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 2008 RRIMC Message

First, Season's Greetings to all. 

There is positive news on the membership front. I share that news with you in my December Membership Message.  

Statistics through Nov 30, 2008 are available here. 

Coming soon- Information regarding our Regional Membership Seminar in Baltimore, Maryland on March 26-27, 2009, preceeding the Presidential Membership Conference at the same venue.    

PDG Bevin Wall
Zone 33 Regional RI Membership Coordinator 2008-10

Monday, December 15, 2008

See Rotary Training Talk for Great Club Ideas During Rotary Awareness Month!

Click here for the December edition of Rotary Training Talk. In this month's issue, there are great ideas for Rotary programs, club planning and interactive activities for your club. 

Click here for back issues of Training Talk at  

Saturday, December 13, 2008

January marks Rotary Awareness Month

Because January is Rotary Awareness Month, this is a great time to make sure your community knows who you are and what you do. Consider these tips:
  • Share your club's Web site or blog link through an electronic news release.
  • Host a question and answer press conference during one of your meetings, inviting local media.
  • Invite a friend or co-worker to a meeting.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about your club's community and international humanitarian efforts.
  • Coordinate a community service project with another local organization.
  • Purchase or download the RI publications This Is Rotary, What's Rotary? or Rotary Basics and distribute them in your community. 
Reprinted from Rotary PR Tips, Dec. 12 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

"New Generations" Club Off to Great Start in Jamaica

Check out this project by a "New Generations" Club in Jamaica. The Rotary Club Of Kingston, Jamaica under the leadership of President Chris and their  membership team  has recently sponsored  The Rotary Club Of Trafalgar-New Heights. This club  primarily focuses but not limited to young qualified professionals between the ages of 30-40 years old.

The link below is a newspaper article on a project this new Rotary club did last weekend. Congratulations to all the members of the Rotary Club Of Trafalgar-New Heights. Click here for the full article. 

For further information contact Andre M Hylton, District 7020 Membership Chairman,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tough Economic Times Effect Rotarians

Zone 25 Rotarians recently conducted a Conference call where they discussed the impact that they see across the US West and Mid-West of the toughening economic times on Rotary Club membership. Here is a like to this very real phenomenon affecting Rotary at its base level. Thanks to RRIMC Diane K. Knight for this submission. Click here for the transcript of the Conference Call. 

Family Month

I share with you President D.K. Lee's December Message highlighting Family Month in December. In addition to these thoughts, I would encourage you to involve family and friends in Rotary celebrations this month, and look within this known pool for suitable Rotary club members, whether in your club, or as referrals to other clubs. Happy Holidays to all.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Magic Cycle of Rotary: Membership, Foundation & Service

Click on this graphic for the readable version. Courtesy of PDG DAVE M. VILLANUEVA
Regional RI Membership Coordinator (RRIMC), Zone 7B (Philippines), RY 2006-09 

Monday, November 10, 2008

How do you get members involved in service projects?

Click here to see how Rotarians around the world are answering this question. Add your comments and/or solutions to this interactive "best practices" database!   

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bridging the Generation Gap

RRIMC Dave Villanueva of the Phillipines has an excellent article describing the challenges of recruiting Rotarians generationally. There is an excellent break-down of different generational categories, traits, and predilections, and some tips on how to approach each group regarding Rotary membership. This is a challenge facing all Rotary Clubs! Click here for the article.    

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Governor-Elects Talk Membership in Paradise

The District Governor Elects for Zone 33 enjoy a Membership Exercise with RRIMC Bevin Wall during the Governor Elect Training Seminar (GETS) held October, 2008 on Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas.  GETS training is to prepare DGEs for their further training in San Diego CA USA in January 2009. Life must be really hard! Enjoy these pictures.   

It's the Economy, Stupid! & Its Effect on Rotary Club Membership!

I share some insights from Judy Beard Strubing, RRIMC for Zone 23, on the recent economic downturn and the pressure it is placing on Rotary Clubs in the membership area. This is equally applicable to us in Zone 33!  

We’re hearing reports that some areas of North America are experiencing resignations from Rotary due to the economy.  Because the reports we get from RI are often delayed, we have no way of checking to see if this is true for the districts in our Zone.  (We're also advised that another aspect of this is that we may experience a pull back in giving to TRF.)

This is one of those critical times to work together.  I'm asking seven things of you..........

1.  Please check the district records to see if the economic situation is affecting membership numbers in your district.  Are there areas that are being particularly hard hit?  Industries that are being affected?

2. Talk with the clubs about sensitivity to those who might be feeling the pinch because of company cutbacks. Offer ways to help the clubs identify those who may potentially leave and be sure those members feel their membership has value and a special meaning to them - i.e. engagement and involvement.  (Businesses may also begin to cut expenses and may not subsidize their employee's dues and/or sponsorship of Rotary events.  This could have a huge effect on our clubs. )

3. Consider the "New Generations" or “After Five” model in setting up new clubs, which can mean a less expensive approach to meals and venue.  Some clubs may also wish to consider converting to this model.

4. Be creative!  Dues are not the big expense – food, fines and contributions tend to be what our members find expensive.  Consider some of the following:

·        5th meeting of the month – “brown bag” at the business of one of the members – make it a Vocational Day.

·        Meet and eat with Interact Club at school – good for connection and communication with our young future Rotarians and school lunches are cheap!

·        Picnic at a local park during the summer.

·        Are there less expensive meeting venues?  How about Churches or other town meeting halls?  Meals can be “brown bag” or Sub sandwiches.

·        Talk with the restaurant about simpler lunches, i.e. soup and sandwich.

·        Re-evaluate “fining.”  Ask each member twice a year for their estimate of personal club fines for that period.  Encourage “Happy Dollars” as an alternative.

·        Look for hands-on projects to give members alternatives to just writing checks.

·        Consider setting up “Rotary First Harvest” as a district/club project – great for hands-on and community involvement.

·        Consider joint project with County Extension (or whatever group in your community) to teach young families how to do things for themselves: gardening, canning, sewing, home repairs, carpentry (all the things our schools are no longer able to teach.)

·        Big Foundation Gala a tradition?  Consider instead a “Subsistence” Dinner (based on a typical Third World meal) with a minimum donation for dinner, but a great program inviting contributions to TRF.  Money goes to TRF instead of to a fancy meal and evening for the attendees.

 5.  Friendship and socializing is an important part of Retention.  Plan simple monthly events, i.e. “First Friday” – keep it inexpensive and be creative.

    • BYOB drinks and appetizers
    • Potluck dinners
    • Desserts and games
    • Super Bowl Chili Party at one of members’ home (or several homes if your club is larger.)
    • Mystery dinners
    • High School ball games
    • Costume parties
    • Access to a farm?  Hayrides, barn dance
    • Pumpkin Carving party
    • Christmas Tree cutting with hot cocoa and cookies afterward
    • Divide into 12 groups and each group draws a month for which they’re responsible in coming up with a fun and inexpensive social event.

6. Keep your radar tuned to any signs of difficulty.

7. Call your RRIMC for assistance, information or ideas -- that's my job!

If we approach this in a proactive way, we may cause a member to put resigning from Rotary or cutting on Foundation giving further down on that list of where they will cut corners!  

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

District 7600 Rotarians Play Membership Jeopardy

Regional RI Membership Coordinator (RRIMC) Bevin Wallwas a featured speaker at the District 7600 Conference held in Portsmouth, Virginia on October 3-5, 2008. 

Rotary Jeopardy was the game, and involved scores of Rotarians from the district during the session, even DG Bill Pollard, who eventually had himself banished to the back of the room for offering his club an "unfair advantage".  

The game ended in a tie, as tallied by our "FluVANNA" scorekeeper. 

The game is in a Powerpoint format and is available on this site for download by clicking here.  

More pictures from the Conference are available at the District 7600 Photo Album.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Membership Ground Zero - The Club

Business, professional, and community leaders know that accountability for adhering to common fundamentals is necessary for success.  They also know that lack of accountability generally leads to failure.  At Membership Ground Zero – the Club – EFFECTIVE Rotary clubs generally do not have Membership Development problems because they practice fundamentals and set expectations as their form of accountability.

Fundamentals are used because they have proven to be dependable.  For over one-hundred years, effective Rotary clubs have successfully applied fundamentals to strengthen Membership.  But what fundamentals?

  •  The reason Rotary clubs exist is to advance the Object of Rotary.
  • The First Object of Rotary is to Develop Acquaintance as an Opportunity for Service (Membership Development.)
  • Rotary is an organization of business, professional, and community leaders, active or retired, who have discretionary use of their time.
  • Business, professional, and community leaders are not accustomed to mediocrity, associating with anyone who accepts mediocrity, or being involved with mediocre organizations.
  • People join Rotary for their reasons, not the club’s or the invitee’s.
  • People join Rotary to get to know, or get to be known by, like minded individuals – to network.
  • Members stay in Rotary because they are satisfied.

Membership Ground Zero – the club.  In preparing or refining Membership Strategic Plans, consider instituting ways and means of inspiring, encouraging, and equipping members to be accountable for practicing fundamentals.  Imagine what could happen if membership committees had in their membership toolbox information that came from these, or similar, fundamental questions:

  1. How many Rotary information meetings (fireside chats) for non-Rotarians did the clubs hold the previous month?
  2. How many potential member business, professional, or community leaders who have discretionary use of their time were at the information meetings?
  3. What was the club’s average attendance percentage last month?
  4. How many members resigned last month?
  5. How many of the members that resigned had been in Rotary less than three years?
  6. Why did they resign?
  7. How many new members were inducted into the club last month?

Imagine this chain of events: The club membership chair gathers this information each month and reports it to the club’s Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors discusses the information and takes action as necessary.  At the next weekly membership meeting, the club president gives a brief report and recognizes the Membership Committee for a job well done.

This simple accountability system would be a way to keep Membership Development fundamentals in the minds of all at Membership Ground Zero and would lay the foundation for improving the club’s ability to satisfy their customer – the club member.  And we all know that satisfied customers attract others.

 (For more information, or setting up sample Excel spreadsheets, contact Jim at

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Past Presidents Membership Challenge

President Randy Yokum of the Newport News VA Club in District 7600 shares the following strategy:  

My membership goal for the club is to have 8 new members by 12/31/2008.  That’s a 20% increase in our role from 6/30/09.  Our program is called “The Past Presidents Membership Challenge”.  I have selected 8 of our clubs past presidents and assigned 4 club members to each team.  The challenge is for each team to bring in one new member by 12/31.  In addition, I’m meeting the challenge by bringing in one new member myself.  My target is 9 new members this calendar year!  The Past President is also responsible to make sure that his team members are regularly attending our weekly meetings.

Contact President Randy at 

Plan to Make Membership Month Last All Year

As the official Rotary Membership Month of August recedes into the rear view mirror of the Rotary year, I'll make a quick few observations as Regional RI Membership Coordinator for Zone 33. In a nutshell, hard work and planning are paying off for many districts, but the emphasis must continue to be successful.
Districts have done a superb job in conducting Membership events throughout the Zone, whether stand-alone events, multiple events,
 or in conjunction with other activities. Our District Governors, Membership Chairs and their teams are to be congratulated. Director Eric has been very supportive of President D.K. Lee's renewed call for membership action.      
The message that Rotary must grow to thrive (and survive) is being well articulated, and Rotarians are hearing the message. However, as we all know, Rotarians hearing a message, and Rotarians acting on the message are two distinctly different things. Remember Frank Devlyn's "Create Awareness, Take Action" theme- we must have both the awareness and the action! Two out of three words in this year's theme cry out for action. "Make" is an action word, and in it's position at the beginning of the phrase make it declarative! "Real" refers to reality, the way that things actually exist! MAKE DREAMS REAL!  
A roadblock to effective action, the "80/20" Rule, is still in effect at the club level, and this is a pivotal challenge. If the dynamic at the club level does not improve, then the rates of retention and recruitment will not improve. 
Clubs and Districts that have a plan, and institute a system of definable actions specific to their assessed recruitment or retention needs are those that are seeing positive membership growth. A successfully implemented plan requires member "buy-in", incremental measurement of success, and recognition.
Membership Strategic Planning was the emphasis for all District Membership Teams attending the Regional Membership Training Seminar in Evanston in June. Now, this planning emphasis is trickling down to the club level. 
Club Visioning Teams to assist clubs with strategic planning are now available, at a club's request, to come into the club and work with their leadership to help set goals, and to define measurement and success. Clubs must make a serious commitment to changing the current dynamic, and taking the next big step toward realizing their potential as Rotary Clubs and their place in their community. Experience Facilitators from The Rotary Leadership Institute are conducting these sessions. Clubs are welcome to explore this opportunity. For more information contact me at
Planning is an important step to productive and forward looking action, but it is not "action". As Leaders of Rotary, the 2008-09 "Dream Team" must continue to work the plan, and keep a results-oriented eye trained on the short-term and long-term horizons of Rotary membership. For us, "short-term" should be a monthly assessment through the end of June 2009, with adjustment of the plan in January, as needed. "Long-term" should be measured annually, with a duration of no more than 3-5 years out, and must involve successive years leadership.
We must break the mold. As the saying goes, "If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got!" In membership, let's together move our clubs beyond what we've always done, and we will see more opportunities for service and fellowship than ever before.

Bevin Wall, Zone 33 RRIMC  

Latest Membership Minute is out

In this month's edition of Membership Minute: 
  • Raising Public Awareness to Generate Interest in Rotary Club Membership 
  • PR Resources for Clubs 
  • Using Technology to Enhance Your Clubs Public Image 
  • Links to Membership Statistics and Publications
Subscribe for email delivery and view past issues at Membership Minute  

Monday, September 29, 2008

PRIP Frank Devlyn on Promoting Membership in Rotary by Invitation, in Magazines & Brochures, and on Web Sites

RI Director Eric Adamson commends the following reading from Past RI President Frank Devlyn's "Frank Talk on the Rotary Foundation". Eric states that the content for this "Frank Talk" Message came from the Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland Web site.  He believes it is relevant for all of us if our organization will have the chance to grow as it needs to in the future. The follow are exerpts from "Frank Talk"

Attracting new members is vital to a Rotary club's long term success, and so clubs put a great deal of emphasis on expanding their membership with enthusiastic and service-minded individuals.

Prospective members must actively hold -or be retired from -a professional, proprietary, executive or managerial position. And they must have the desire and ability to serve and to meet the club's attendance requirements for its weekly meetings.

An important distinction between Rotary and other organizations is that membership in Rotary is by invitation. However this should not stop anyone who feels that they might like to become a Rotarian from indicating an interest, either by speaking to a Rotarian, or by getting in touch with a local Club - with no obligation on either side.

Clubs usually maintain a list of the types of businesses and professions in their community and seek candidates to fill classifications not already held by an active member of the club, but classifications are many and varied.

Examples of classifications include, for example: Schools; Universities; Eye Surgery; Tires -Distributing; Tires -Retailing; Dramatic Arts; Law -Civil.) In this manner, a club aims to include a significant cross section of its community's vocational life, and has the widest possible resources and expertise for its service programs and projects.

Your amigo in Mexico City,
Frank J., Devlyn
RI President 2000-2001
TRF Chairman 2005-2006

Rotary International President 2000-01 Chairman, The Rotary Foundation 2005-06

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Latest Membership Minute is a Great Guide to New Rotary Resources

The August edition of Membership Minute is out and is a great resource for the new publications of Rotary and other "cutting edge" information relating to Membership Development, including new member materials and materials for your club membership committee.

It is saved on this Blog on the Zone 33-34 Membership Resource Page or you can click here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chambers of Commerce as Rotary Membership Development Resource

Below is an interesting series of emails regarding associating with your local Chamber of Commerce for Membership Development purposes.

Rtn. Bob,

Short of club membership in the Chamber (which runs afoul of the Code of Policies), I think hosting or sponsoring a Chamber event is a GREAT way to promote the vocational aspect of Rotary AND to keep an eye out for community leaders who want an avenue to serve. We have to maintain a balanced approach. We want community leaders who are not so busy with other civic obligations that they can't spend adequate time serving through Rotary, conversely it seems as if the busy people are the ones who get things done! Good luck on this new connection. Please keep me informed on how it goes.


PDG Bevin Wall
Zone 33 Regional RI Membership Coordinator 2008-09

----- Original Message -----
From: Robert Stinson
To: Bevin Wall
Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 6:44 PM
Subject: Fw: Rotary: Chamber of commerce

One of the potential sources of new members mention during our session in Evanston was joining the Chamber of Commerce and having a Rotary sponsored event. The South Brunswick Island Club is considering joining the Chamber and will be debating the subject at our Board Meeting on Monday. We are aware that there are several Clubs in the Myrtle Beach Area who have joined their Chamber.

What is you advise?

Bob Stinson
----- Original Message -----
From: Denny Jordan
To: Bob Stinson
Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 4:12 PM
Subject: FW: Rotary: Chamber of commerce

From: Krista Batey [] Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 12:37 PMTo: djcoastal@atmc.netSubject: Rotary: Chamber of commerceImportance: High

Dear Denny,
In regard to your question about Rotary clubs joining a chamber of commerce, the Rotary Code of Policies states the following:
11.040.1. Clubs Not to Assume Membership in Other Organizations
A club should not become a member of or assume obligations of membership in any other organization. (November 2004 Mtg., Bd. Dec. 59)
This board decision was made in an effort to ensure that each Rotarian's and the club's relationship with or link to with Rotary International remains as direct and "pure" as possible, and so that Rotarians are not faced with the potential problem of being obligated to adhere to the rules or policies or two different organizations. Please note that individual Rotarians are not prohibited from joining the chamber of commerce should they wish to do so, and that every member of your club has the ability to join should he or she wish to become a member. However, as you can see from the Rotary Code of Policies above, clubs are asked to refrain from joining other organizations as a corporate entity.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.
Krista Batey, CoordinatorClub and District SupportSouthern Pan AmericaTel.: 1-847-866-3188Fax:
From: EBHALLE []Sent: Thursday, 17 April, 2008 6:23 PMTo: Council ServicesSubject: Chamber of commerce
May a club be a member of commerce.??/

Earl Halle
Oldsmar/Eastlake D-6950

Saturday, August 16, 2008

District 7680 Membership Seminar

About 100 Rotarians from D7680 spent Saturday morning, Aug. 16, talking first about The Rotary Foundation and then membership. Led by Debby Corbett, a member of the Union West Rotary Club, just outside Charlotte, the membership seminar focused on the goals of the district for the year, and gave participants time to brainstorm recruitment and retention ideas.

District goals are:

  1. Increase net membership by five percent by April 2009. As of July 1, district membership unofficially was just over 3,000 members.
  2. Charter 2 or 3 new clubs. Two locations have been identified and the district also hopes to start an “after hours” club in downtown Charlotte to attract young professionals. The district currently has 52 clubs.
  3. Increase membership diversity.
  4. Increase collaboration among district clubs.
  5. Strengthen small clubs to a minimum of 20 members.

Debby had printed 2,000 hard wallet-size cards from the Humanity in Motion DVD that say: Start with Rotary and good things happen. On the back of these cards, a club can put a label with its meeting time and place or other relevant information to hand out to prospective members. There are four other versions of this size card. Click here to go to the RI website to view and download these card options.

Photo: Debby Corbett, a counselor in private practice in Ballantyne, NC, is the membership chair for D7680. She led a membership seminar Aug. 16 in Gastonia.

Some recruitment and retention ideas from 7680

Poker Run: Five former club members are recruited to be among the stops on the Poker Run. As Rotarians stop by to get their cards, they have a chance to reconnect. At the end of the day, the former Rotarians are invited to a cookout—and to consider rejoining the club.

Rotary Olympics: The club is divided into teams for a fun game night. Each team brings a prospect. Playing games together helps members get to know one another better and helps prospects get to know the club. Families participate too.

Draw names for retention: Twice each year, members draw a name of another member. They have two weeks to make contact with the person whose name they drew, for coffee, cocktails, a meal, whatever.

Fifth Wednesday Socials: A Wednesday noon club takes advantage of every fifth Wednesday to move its meeting time to the evening for a social, at someone’s house, a cookout, something special.

Youth Exchange: Look for parents of outbound students and host parents of inbound students as prospects for Rotary membership.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2007 Comparison to Start Figures Available

According to Jennifer Deters at RI, Comparison to Start Figures calculate the variance for every district at each month-end against 1 July Start Figures.

Click here to see the C-S Report through June 30. 2008. latest report and how your district stacks up!
This report is also listed on the Membership Resources Page on this Blog.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

District 6970 Membership Seminar Agenda Posted

See the 6970 Membership Seminar Agenda posted on the Membership Resources Page.

Club Membership Plan- Model

As RRIMC, I get samples of many items which I will pass on for you to possibly use. I know many of you have your District Membership Seminar coming up shortly, and we in Zones 33 – 34 want to be Number One membership development this year.

I have Abby’s Donnelly's permission to pass this Club Membership Plan template used in District 7690 on to you. You will find in the document how to get in touch with Abby if you want to talk to her about it. The document is also listed under Membership Resources on this Blog.

Jim Henry, PDG D-6960
Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator, Zone 34, 2008-09

New Generations Club- Cocktail Club

Here's the website of a thriving "cocktail club, the Tallahassee (FL) Sunset Rotary Club. If you have any questions about how their club operates, I am sure they will be willing to share with you! Contact Jaimi Wacksman at

Check out these New Member Videos!


1) Check out Welcome to Rotary, a short new video segment, viewable now at at Less than four minutes long, and offering a broad overview of Rotary and the Four Avenues of Service, this video provides an excellent introduction to Rotary club membership for new members.
-Find the video on the RI Web site by going to and clicking on Members, New Members, Getting Involved.
- Encourage clubs to have new members visit the RI Web site and view this video by promoting it in your next newsletter.

2) Welcome to Rotary is included in the new Membership Video Set (427-MU), a multi-video package that includes two DVDs: one for new members and one for prospective members. Each DVD features a compilation of Rotary videos, including Welcome to Rotary, various Humanity in Motion public service announcements, and segments from RVM: The Rotarian Video Magazine, with selections in all available languages. A recent best seller at the RI Convention in Los Angeles at $10 USD, this new video shows new and prospective members what it means to be a Rotarian.
Rotarians can visit to purchase items from the catalog.

Rotary Membership Made Easy

District Membership Chair Jim Culp shares with us his Rotary Membership Made Easy Plan. It really is sweet and simple. Any Rotary Club of any size can do this!

Another Great idea shared by Jim is his Membership Open House idea.

Click the above links for the plan summaries.

For more information contact Jim Culp at

Register Now for the 2009 Baltimore MD Presidential Membership Conference

One of only two Presidential Membership Conferences in North America takes place in Baltimore MD USA, easily within reach of many of our Zones' Rotary Clubs. The event is scheduled for March 27,28, 2009.

According to PMC General Chair, PDG Toni McAndrew, the purpose of this conference is to explore and introduce: a vision for the future of Rotary International and its membership; how we can best impact membership at the club level; discuss how demographic and generational changes impacts this vision; review pertinent regional changes and the impact on membership; and celebrate best practices at the club level. Additionally, the goal at each of these conferences is for presenters outside of Rotary to discuss volunteering trends and demographic changes within the specific region. Director Mike Colasurdo of New Jersey is the Convenor of the event.

Suggested Conference attendees:
· Club presidents and officers
· Club membership committee chairs and members
· District membership committee chairs and members
· District extension committee chairs and members
· Other district leadership and past RI officers
· All Rotarians interested in helping Rotary grow!

Event and Lodging Registration can be accessed here or under Membership Must Links on this page.

Wanted: District Membership Web Pages

Do you have a dedicated Membership page on YOUR District Website? If not, shouldn't you have one?

RI President D.K. Lee said in June at our Regional Membership Seminar in Evanston that Membership and The Rotary Foundation have an equal emphasis this year. I have yet to visit a District Website that does not have dedicated pages on The Rotary Foundation, however, very few have dedicated Membership Pages.

DG Bill Pollard of District 7600 (Southeast Virginia USA) has a dedicated Membership Page. He challenges each district to develop one, and provide it to our Blog. We have a list at the bottom right of the Blog of District Membership Pages.

We need every district to:
  1. Develop a District Membership Page on their Website,

  2. Provide Us with the Link to Your District Membership Page,

  3. Have your District Website Link to our Membership Blog!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Zone 33 Membership Beach Retreat Approaches

A Membership Beach Retreat is scheduled for invited Membership leaders from Zone 33 on August 1-3, 2008 at The OC Spa & Conference Center at The Ocean Club Resort, 1700 Salter Path Road, Indian Beach, NC. The event is open to Regional Membership Assistants (RMAs) and invited facilitators in the Club Visioning Program. Spouses are welcome to come to the beach and attend the sessions.

The event agenda is available by clicking the event agenda image on the right. The official program activities begin at 3:00 pm on Friday August 1, 2008. Dress code is beach casual for the entire weekend.

For more information contact RRIMC Bevin Wall

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meet our Newest Support Staff in Evanston: Susan Biebel

You may have the opportunity to hear a new voice on the phone at RI for your Membership Inquiries. Susan Biebel recently joined the Membership staff and will serve as the Coordinator for Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator (RRIMC) Support.

Susan is a native of the Chicago suburbs and is now living back in Chicago. She is no stranger to Rotary, having been in Interact during her High School days. She gained some international experience by studying abroad in Rome, Italy during college. Most recently, I worked for a staffing firm as a recruiter for nonprofit organizations.

Says Susan, “I am extremely impressed with Rotary as an organization and I am thrilled to be part of the team! “. We look forward to working with Susan to meet our Membership goals this year!

Here’s Susan’s contact information:
Susan Biebel
Coordinator, RRIMC Membership Support
Rotary International
1560 Sherman Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201
ph: 847-866-3217, fax: 847-866-9446

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Q & A on New Generations Rotary Clubs

Q: What is a New Generations Rotary Club?

A: New Generations Clubs are just Rotary Clubs that are non-traditional in time, place, dues, and are formatted to appeal to young people.

The following brief article by RI PP Luis Giay is informative:

Rotary’s growth, especially the recruiting of young persons, has been an ongoing goal of Rotarians since our organization was founded 102 years ago. Personally, I think an important and positive step was taken during my presidency in 1996-1997 when, as part of the “Rotary Programs for the New Generations”, we included a proposal for “Rotary Clubs for the New Generations”. This idea filled a significant void in
terms of Rotary’s global growth, and it is a trailblazing attempt to make Rotary clubs more attractive to young people. RI’s President for 2001-02, and others also supports the chartering of these clubs as an integral part of his efforts to expand Rotary. Also RI Committees for New Generations has been appointed recently for more than three years.

Structurally, these clubs do not differ from other Rotary clubs, except that their membership is geared toward young persons of both sexes between 25 and 40 years of age, a wide, non-restrictive range. Joining Rotary is difficult for them because they have little free time, limited financial resources, or because our Rotarian leaders are inflexible when it comes to admitting young people. Most founding members of these clubs are past Rotaractors, Rotary Foundation alumni, former participants in Rotary programs, or the children or relatives of Rotarians, etc. In other words, they are persons who know about Rotary and our work, who in this way are afforded the chance to remain in contact with us and to be a part of our organization through Rotary Clubs for the New Generations. These clubs’ meetings are usually shorter. They could be clubs that meet for breakfast or in the afternoon or in the evening after work. The business portion of the meeting usually lasts about one hour, which is spent making plans for service activities. These features hold down the cost of membership and better accommodate the hectic schedules of young persons.

The requirements for organizing these clubs are no different from the formal organization of any other club. They are no special rules, and they can be organized through Rotary International or a RI Service Center. They require the approval of the district governor, who names, together with the sponsor club, a Rotarian to be in charge of the extension activity. The main characteristic of these clubs is that they bring together young leaders who are capable of engaging in a more fluid intergenerational dialogue and who direct their most important service activities toward the new generations especially children and youths.

Some other articles:

As to who you contact for more information, see your Membership Chair, or your RRIMC!


PDG Bevin Wall
Zone 33 Regional RI Membership Coordinator 2008-09

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Membership Resource: Rotary PR Tips

See the latest version of Rotary PR Tips for ideas you can use to make clubs stronger and more visible in the community.

In this issue:
  1. Rotary's Wide World of Books
  2. Rotary Newspaper Publication
  3. PR Grants
  4. PSAs at Sporting Events
  5. Get Humanity in Motion materials
  6. Share your PR Tips
  7. Sign Up to Receive Rotary PR Tips

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Joint Zone 33-34 Regional Membership Seminar a Success!

65 Rotarian Leaders from across the Southeast United States and Caribbean participated in the Zones 33-34 Regional Membership Seminar held June 3-5, 2008 at The Rotary Building in Evanston, Illinois.

The event focus was the development of a District Membership Strategic Plan for each of the 25 participating Rotary districts. Several districts presented the highlights of their plans to the group after having some dedicated time to refine their plan.

One of the benefits of holding the event at RI Headquarters is being in close proximity to Rotary Senior Leadership and staff. The Seminar was addressed by RI President Wilf Wilkinson, RI President-Elect D.K. Lee, Rotary Foundation Chair Robert Scott, RI General Secretary Ed Futa, RI Director-Elect Eric Adamson, and Past RI Director and RI Membership Development Committee Chair Ron Beaubien.

Rotarian presenters included Abby Donnelly on The First Object of Rotary: Acquaintance as an Opportunity for Service, Bill Griffin on Service, Bob Stinson on the Elements of a Strategic Plan, Jim Culp on a New Method for Identifying Prospective Members, Jim Pierce, Bill Pollard & Wynn Dixon on a Multi-Club Approach for Forming New Clubs, and Gary Israel on Club Strategic Planning. RRIMC Bevin Wall and Rotarian Bob Newton moderated a series of Q & A Sessions. RI Membership Staff involved in the program included included Donna McDonald, Jill Pohren and Jennifer Deters.

A panel discussion on RI Resources moderated by RRIMC Bevin Wall concluded the event with panelists RRIMC Jim Henry, District 7730 Trainer and Professional Trainer Bob Stinson, RIMZC Sue Poss, and RI Membership Development Staff Member Jennifer Deters.

RRIMC Bevin Wall (Zone 33) and RRIMC Jim Henry (Zone 34) convened the event, which was the first joint Zone 33-34 Regional Membership Event, and the first such event to be held at RI Headquarters. Click The Photo Below for More Event Photos
2008-06 RRMS Evanston

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ft. Lauderdale Presidential Conference Update

Past RI Director Bob Menconi advises us about some excellent news on the Membership Front in his update on the Ft. Lauderdale Membership Conference. In particular his news about North American membership growth is encouraging.

See our Important Links section for the Ft. Lauderdale Presidential Conference Webpage.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Membership Tool- Forward it to Your Friends

The new ROTARY - Navigating the Global Network email publication is available.

This was developed by our External Relations Dept. and was made especially for forwarding to your friends, co-workers, and prospective members or partners of Rotary. You can sign up for direct delivery to your email box at the bottom of the email!
Image courtesy of

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Membership Seminar Registration Strong

If number of registrants is any indication, interest is very high on membership and planning in Zones 33 & 34.
As of May 6, 2008, 57 Rotarian leaders from 24 of our 27 districts have signed up. View the full RRMS registration list, or access other helpful seminar information on the right side of the Blog in the box entitled Zones 33-34 Membership Seminar.

A fantastic group of presenters and facilitators are preparing for their role in the event, with the goal to make this event VERY PRODUCTIVE for your district! Remember to work on your District Questionairre before the event!

Contact Jim Henry or Bevin Wall if you need any further event info.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Club Assessment Tools Posted Online

The Club Assessment Tools booklet is not available for purchase, but it can be downloaded as a PDF file from the RI Web site, or it is also available for download from the Membership Coordinator Forum. The file is set up to print front to back, so you can download the file and take it directly to a local print shop if you want professional quality, hard copies printed.

The link is . [Editor's Note: It is also accessible under "Must Links" on the right side of this Blog]

In July the new edition of the Membership Development Resource Guide (417) will be complete, and a revised online Club Assessment Tools will also be available for download. We will promote these new resources heavily on the Web and will advise all RRIMCs when they are available. The two publications will complement each other, in design and content, and the revised Club Assessment Tools will contain better instructions to clubs as to the objectives of each exercise, when and why to use them, and the procedures for carrying them out.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Jennifer Frisbie Membership Communications & Training Coordinator RI Membership Development Division 1560 Sherman Avenue, 16SE Evanston, IL 60201-3698 Phone: 847.866.3407

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Member Video Posted to

Visit to see a new member video.
Captioned "Welcome to Rotary", this recently produced video is less than 4 minutes long and gives a broad over view of Rotary and the 4 Avenues of Service. You may wish to add this information to your next newsletter.

The direct link is .

Jill Pohren
Manager, Membership Communications & Support, MD100
RI Membership Development Division
1560 Sherman Avenue, 16SE
Evanston, IL 60201-3698
847-866-3236 FAX 847-866-9446