Friday, June 29, 2012

Dear Rotarians,

This will be my last post as editor of Rotary Resources & The Zone 33-34 Membership Blog, the largest,, website in the world dedicated to Rotary issues.

June 30, 2012 will conclude 8 years of my working above the district level with Rotarians and Rotary leaders on issues of Membership and Strengthening Clubs. I thank you for the opportunity to serve in the capacities of Assistant RIMZC, RI Membership Zone Coordinator, RI Membership Coordinator and lastly as Rotary Coordinator.

I believe that Rotary is truly a force for good in the world, and as many have said, I have certainly gotten more out of my volunteer experience than I ever put into it. I believe that significant understanding and progress has occurred during this time period. Rotary still faces challenges, but we can, and must, overcome them, so that Rotary lasts into the next century. Many dedicated leaders will continue to fight the good fight, so that our clubs will thrive, the service to our communities will continue, and our Foundation will continue to meet needs around the world.

I especially thank Rotary leaders who had the confidence in me to entrust these roles to me, such as prior RIMZC Joe Ferguson, my first "boss", RI Directors I have worked with- Ken Morgan, Milt Jones, Barry Rassin, Eric Adamson, and John Smarge- and my stalwart compatriots from Zone 34 serving in like positions, Jim Henry and Marcy Ullom. Jim, in particular, has been a great friend, mentor, and fellow lover of Rotary. Lastly, my team of ARCs has been outstanding for the past several years, including Tim Mannix, Abe Clymer, Nancy Barbee and Jim Probsdorfer. Who ya gonna call? Any of them - to get the job done!

The new RC will be Paula Matthews from District 7770 in South Carolina. I know you will continue to support her efforts to strengthen Rotary Clubs across our Zone.

As for me, I will continue working with The Rotary Leadership Institute and my District, as opportunities for service arise. Again, thanks for the opportunities to serve.
PDG Bevin Wall
Rotary Coordinator, Zone 33, 2010-12

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rotatorial: Rebellious Membership Talk

Perhaps it is time for peaceful resistance and insist that clubs, Rotary International’s only customers, receive eternal top priority and the service they deserve.

Click here for the latest Jim Henry Rotatorial.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Do Not Declare "Mission Accomplished" Too Soon

To read the eighth and final part and what might have prevented an ex-Georgia Rotarian from saying that  … membership was not worth the time or money', please go to Retention Central or Go directly to the article from the Jim Henry Series, Reversing a Membership Freefall.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Membership Development- Establish Priorities

See the latest article from Jim Henry- Establish Priorities - in his Reversing the Membership Freefall Series.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creating Rotary Awareness

Mary Beth Growney Selene
RI Director 2013-15
As Rotary Clubs move forward in our fast-paced and increasingly global economy, we need to look at ways that we can be more attractive to our future members as well as engage our current membership. The first questions we need to ask ourselves are, (1) are we relevant to our members and those communities we serve and (2) what can/should we be doing better to make ourselves more attractive to those future members whom we have yet to introduce to Rotary.

As we look to our (current) young members (and future leaders), what are their expectations of their Rotary membership? Do we know? Do we know why they have joined Rotary, other than an expectation? If their membership is only to fulfill an expectation or obligation, are they a member of Rotary or are they a Rotarian? What can we do to help them move them from members of Rotary to true Rotarians?

Do our programs engage the families of our young members? Do we encourage program development within our Clubs that will be better because of the participation of our "families"? Road clean-up, park clean-up, tree planting, serving the elderly, etc. can not only allow family engagement, but, with proper leadership, can encourage our young professionals to include their families in their Rotary service. Instead of taking away from family time, these activities can, will and do enhance family time.

Each of our Clubs need to be surveying our members, on a regular basis, as to what projects and programs are the most important to them. These surveys must be presented in as objective a manner as possible to allow all of our members to truly express their support, concerns and suggestions. Once the survey process is completed, our Rotary Clubs need to take seriously, the messages that we have received from our members.

Further, in an effort to ensure that we are addressing the needs of our "communities", we need to ask those we serve what their needs are. We are not as effective as we could be if we as a Club determine what we think the "needs" are rather than asking our community and educational leaders how we can best fulfill their needs.

Time is wasted if, for example, we internally determine that our Club would like to provide tutors for 6th graders at our local school, when the school's real needs are to provide for teacher's aides at the 4th grade level. Sadly, the result, if we continue on our original course of participation, will be a short-term involvement with this school. They will look at us as dictatorial rather than participatory. They will continue to need our services, but, they likely will not look to Rotary as a long-term partner. We will have missed out on the opportunity for a long-term partnership, engaging our members with a potentially great project that meets the needs of our members and the students and schools. We could have avoided this non-relationship had we been more of a partner.

Whatever we do as we move forward in Rotary, we need to serve our members once they have made the commitment to join Rotary. Once engaged, we will have long-term Rotarians, rather than just members of a Rotary Club.

Mary Beth Growney Selene, R.I.Director Elect, RC (Zone 28)

Monday, February 27, 2012

What Would Jim Recommend for President Elect Reading?

I was asked by an incoming district governor which POSTS on Retention Central would I recommend to incoming club presidents. First, it is a compliment that anyone would ask such a question. Second, my ego wanted to shout, “Read them all.” However, I did cast my ego aside, which was not easy, and listed the five which, according to stats, have had the most visitors. If any of you are so inclined, consider passing this list to all incoming presidents-elect and district committee leaders:

#1. Rotary in North America, Part IV

#2. Inactive Rotarians, A Hidden Resource

#3. The Silent Rotary Killer

#4. The Only True Measure of an Effective Club is its Ability to Attract and Retain Members

#5. Why Wait to Improve Membership Retention

It’s no surprise that most involve attracting and engaging members.

Jim Henry, PDG D-6960
Rotary Club of Sarasota, President 1988-89; 2011-12
Rotarian of the Decade, D-6960 2001-2010
Recipient 2011 R.I. Service Above Self Award
Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator, Zone 34, 2008-10
Rotary Coordinator, Zone 34, 2010-11
Rotary International North American Regional Membership Development & RetentionCommittee

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Major Attendance Change is Proposed by RI Board

The Rotary International Board of Directors is proposing a revision to the attendance requirements.To read the proposed changes from the minutes of the last director’s meeting, please click here. Courtesy of Jim Henry and Retention Central.